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I had gone to Colorado Surgical Center & Hair Institute back in 2012 for a hair procedure that involved 2,000 grafts being transplanted. Other than the surgery being 100% unsuccessful, the one thing that I had hoped for was “no scar” from the donor site on the back of my head (as Chris Mctyre promised). I was as patient as I could be, waiting several years for any and all possibility of the procedure to successfully heal. I returned for a consultation this year, to go over my concerns. Chris suggested we “re-do” the surgery free of charge, he also tried convincing me to add an additional 500 grafts (in which I would pay for). While I figured this would be an opportunity to “fix” my scar as he said they could, I jumped at the opportunity and put my name down for an appointment at the very last day of May. I called CSHI several times in the past weeks and received no answer. I left a voicemail on my very first attempt to call them. After no response for a few days, I called again, only this time the voicemail said the users mailbox was full. Again, a few more days go by and no response. Until finally Chris answers one of my calls. I explain to him that we had met months ago and he had put me down for a procedure on May 31st (I believe that was the date), he said that he would send me my procedure confirmation info once we got off the phone, to my email. With no surprise, this was on Thursday last week and NO EMAIL. This is a pretty intimidating procedure to live through again.. With a rough recovery on the back of your head. I honestly don’t feel too safe or comfortable with a company that lacks the professionalism that every patient deserves in the weeks leading up to this type of procedure. Ultimately I would just like a refund from the original failed procedure. I can then look into having my scar assessed by aother medical professional. I just don’t feel any security/ comfort going through with another hack job on my head, when the facility can’t even communicate in a semi-professional manner. A full refund off 2,000 grafts at $2 a graft is what I expect after this failed experience.

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  1. Tonia Trocchio
    June 16, 2020
  2. Nida Rohweder
    June 16, 2020

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