Cosmed Clinic

Cosmed Clinic

Scam!!!RUN as fast as you can. If you considere a procedure use doctors in United States with an insurance and professional care. This place is a scam and hurt me tremendously! | Doctor Alejandro Quiroz who is a director of the VIDA Cosmed Clinic is a lousy doctor and a rude representative of the Clinic, he will never return your phone calls or try to help after they did a huge amount of damage on my face. | He hides behind his reseptionists. I was calling multiple times for almost two month trying to speak to him. In one day Lori who is a receptionist told me to call later because doctor was on surgeries,I called in the afternoon at the same day she said that it’s a Mexican holiday and doctor is not there. Do you know how unprofessional and cheap you sound? | Such a scumbag, no class! They won’t take any responsibility for their mistakes. | I had a procedure done on my face by Dr Fuentes. He said that the swelling for the next 10- 15 days is normal, and then it will go away, and your face will go back to normal size. | By the time I got home at the same day after the procedure was done, the right side of my face got swollen to abnormal size. I sent picture to Mirna who is a doctor Juan’s Carlos Fuentes cooordinator. Every time I spoke to her she was extremely rude. | The next morning I got a fever, I had a fever for the next 2 weeks. I was asking Dr Fuentes if I should go to ER, and he said they won’t do anything, just take antibiotics and do warm compress. The antibiotics and warm compress didn’t work. Finally after 2 weeks being uncomfortable I went to Emergency Room at Scripps in Encinitas. | I had a CAT scan on my head, and a blood work. I had 3 different doctors working on my scan and trying to figure out how they can help me. They told me right away that the duct in parotid gland was damaged so saliva, and blood is not draining properly that’s why the cheek was so swollen. It was not an inflammation! They did a surgery at the same day and it was infected badly. I went home next day, the doctor who was working on me was an Otolaryngologist, who works with head /neck nervous system. | The next day the right side of my face got very swollen again, I had to see the doctor every other day, so he could drain the saliva and blood with a huge syringe needle. He was hoping by draining he would trick the duct and it connect again and start draining again, after 3 long weeks going through a lot of physical and emotional pain it did not work, so he had to do an endoscopic surgery. | At first he said he would go from outside of my face, which means they would cut my face by the ear area and I would have a huge scar. Another way to do the surgery ,was go from inside, and do the same endoscopic surgery, but it wasn’t very safe because of the facial nerve branches, there would be a possibility that my right side could be paralyzed after the surgery. 50- 50… I choose the second way. I had two more surgeries. When they went inside they could NOT find the duct, it was gone. What happened to it? Doctor’s Fuentes knowledgebility is 0!!!! He had no aswer for me. | So doctors had to create a new duct from a silicone, very extensive surgeries. I have a silicone inside of my right side, the doctor said the skin will scar around and hopefully create a new duct. | I literally went through hell because of Fuentes poor knowledge of what he was doing. He also needs to learn a better English because his communication is sucks and he can’t explain things in a professional way. | This was a huge mistake, I wish I never went to see Dr. Fuentes and as a result I have to live with this for the rest of my life. DO NOT GO TO THIS SO CALLED DOCTOR! It would be one thing if he admitted what he did was wrong and gave me my money back or try to fix what he had done, but there is no remorse and refuses to even speak to me. I have contacted them multiple times and there is no response. They are scam artists and only looking to make money! PLEASE STAY AWAY ITS NOT WORTH IT! | Cosmed Clinic: Dr. Alejandro Quiroz, Juan Carlos Fuentes. The address of those scumbags is:

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