Crystal Groves

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I came upon the review of Crystal Groves which was outed in 2013 for harboring child sex offenders and abusers. They have decided to combat these allegations by continuously posting banning from the organization for trumped up offences. Most of the people they ban don’t even play at their parks. They hear about it elsewhere and jump right on it so it can appear that they are policing the organization. This is their way of pretending they are doing everything they can to hide what they are doing behind the scenes. They post all kinds of crap on their facebook page against other people to try to seem like they are above board and far removed from what they know they do. | They banned on guy who had a fight with his girlfriend at an event and another player intervened and the next thing you know, the girl and other guy are living together. How convenient to ban the player so his girlfriend can keep him from playing there. A few years ago they had 3 players interrogate another player but only banned one player and the other 2 had not even a hand slap, mostly because they are females and they want to keep as many female players as possible for obvious reasons. | I have played with them at a number of parks and consistently witness behavior by leadership of harrassment and bullying of players, threatening players, and they love to use cyber bullying and harrassment to post like they are keeping their parks safe. They claim that is their purpose but they have been unable to play at sites they always played at because they do illegal things. They are always involved in court cases. They have a president or king right now who calls himself Arden Dawnseeker, someone named Barudin Egil and someone named Drew who calls himself Hobi among others. These are just a few of the people in leadership who slander and libel players to hide their own offenses. If you check out their facebook page, which they made private, you see one ban notification after another made under their pseudo names. They won’t post their real names because they don’t want any consequences for what they do. They had an election for leadership and a guy won who was threatened behind the scenes to give up his win, which he did. They threatened him physically and emotionally that they would post things about him online to pressure him to step aside. They only want their players that cover up what they do to people. They have a player in leadership with Amtgard named Armand DeSanto who moved to another state and he is a federal criminal who served time at Leavenworth for illegal administration of medication as a medic among other things, and he still acts as a medic for the organization. If they were serious about banning people who make players unsafe, they would have banned this guy long ago but they welcomed him with open arms. But no, they like him and keep him around in leadership at any number of parks. | There is something seriously wrong with this organization. Amtgard is an international group but this so called kingdom continuously mistreats players, bans only those they want to, and keep players who do the same thing and worse but are being hidden in the organization. They encourage all kinds of malicious posts with false information and unprovable information, they claim the person did, on their page just to combat continued allegations against them by saying, “Look at us, we are upstanding and police our own.” Haha. All they do is attack, harrass and abuse people, try to ruin people online, to hide the crimes they themselves do all the time.

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