D & A Design Group

D & A Design Group

If you are considering this company for your home design or remodel RUN. First, look at the complaints here….read them…then know EVERYTHING those people said about this company is TRUE. They are unprofessional, unreliable, and just bad business. Below is a copy of an email I sent to them last month outlining my entire experience with them.

“Since the beginning or our design process I was explicit in what I wanted. Now, normally designers will bring style guides to a consultation however you showed up to my consult empty handed. Although I verbally explained what I wanted in detail (NO GLAM IN THE LIVING/BEDROOM SPACES AND PINK GIRLY GLAM IN THE OFFICE) this is NOT what you delivered. The pieces in the office (sofa and accessories) are mauve not pink as requested and the living space was horrid with big glam pieces everywhere which I explicitly said I didn’t want. Now, maybe there was some miscommunication on your part however I feel that as a true designer there should have been none. When you came to my consult empty handed I was concerned but then thought maybe you are so good that I can just tell you vibes Im going for and you can deliver. That was not the case and what was PARTIALLY delivered was completely off base from what I asked. This may go to process. And Im not sure if you regularly do not bring style guides for your clients to have a true “consult” not just you walking around their space taking pictures however I feel that this missed step would have forgone a lot of heartache. In addition to the design just being not what I wanted I have serious issues with the professionalism of your business. Please see notes below.

1. My install was rescheduled a total of 5 times. Each time I had to email or text you the day before asking if we were still on schedule for install and was told no. This obviously is no way to handle a customer. As you stated in the email below, I would be updated every step of the way which I was not. I made full payment on December 18th with the promise that my install would happen by Christmas. When in fact it didn’t. I was then promised by New Year. Then that fell through. I was scheduled a total of 5 times which all were last minute canceled. I do understand that things happen with shipment and as a business owner I do not fault you for that part. What I do fault you for is the lack of clear communication. I should never have to be reaching out to you the day before an install to make sure we are still on only for you to tell me no that pieces are still not in. YOU should be reaching out to your customer to set clear expectations. This was never done.

2. On the day of the install your team arrived 4 yours late (Said you would be here between ?12-1230pm?) and didn’t arrive until 4 causing a conflict.

3. On the day of install I was informed that your team “averaging ?around 3 am?) for end time. This is something that should be clearly communicated to your customer for them to make a decision if they want to be in the home ?until 3am? while you have a group of people moving throughout. To me this is inconsiderate and is another “process” issue.

4. Although my design was put off numerous times and with the expectation that the final install would take place on January 11th, this was still a PARTIAL install as the furniture you brought was damaged AND you didn’t stay till 3 but ended early asking if you can come back the next day (Jan 12th). This again is unprofessional and inconsiderate for you to arrive late and then expect that I cancel my plans on the 12th (which I told you I had to do) so I can be available for a second day install when essentially all could have been done in 1 day if you didn’t ?start at 4?. (Thats given all of the furniture was available and not damaged which unfortunately mine was).

5. The PARTIAL install again was not what I asked for AT ALL. After contacting you after your crew left on Jan 11th expressing my issues with the design you took issue with my use of the word “cheesy” when it came to the look delivered in my living/kitchen space. You allowed yourself to get emotionally wound up by the use of this word instead of listening to your customers concerns and just focusing on making it better.

I advised you at that time I preferred your team arrange to just come and get ALL of the furniture as I no longer wanted to work with you. We subsequently decided to move forward thanks to your team members coming up to smooth things over. However on Jan 27th I made a post to my PERSONAL Instagram page noting I wasn’t happy with original design but that your team was making it right. And in true form, you flew off the handle with a barrage of DMs and text messages which again were not PROFESSIONAL in nature.

I responded to your messages explaining that it was not my intent to defame your business as you suggested.

Given your emotional nature in business I do not think it is best we continue this design project. I currently have broken furniture from you and holes in my walls from an unfinished install and design.

I sent you at text advising that I would like an invoice for just the desk, ottoman, and bar stools and a refund for everything else. You have not responded to those messages.

I am all for supporting a black owned business (as you made note of during our conversation after the install) however the way you run your business in my opinion is without professionalism and class. For all of the issues noted above. “

After this email their team came on Feb 5th do retrieve the cheesy furniture from my home and promised a refund in which I’m still waiting for and it’s Feb 27th today. ALSO- their team left patched up holes all over my home with a promise to come back and repair. When I emailed them on Feb 25th regarding this and simply asking when they would return to repair I received a reply by someone from their team that was meant to go to them but accidentally sent to me call me a “nightmare”. Verbatim the email said “Girl she’s a nightmare!”

I responded to the email apologizing for being a “nightmare” in just asking when they were coming back to paint over patches up holes they left and promised to fix! Dereky in true form responses ridiculously to her team members email by apologizing on their behalf but saying I­t­ was a “subcontractor” so they have no control over them. Now let’s think about this. You bring these people in our homes and give them access to our emails and phone numbers but then when they send a client a harassing message calling them a nightmare and later calling them a bully (check out their other complaints they tend to use this word a lot when customers challenge them on their poor customer service and poor business ethics) you have nothing to say? What a business owner!

These are my REAL EXPERIENCES with this company. LEARN FROM OUR LESSONS AND RUN!. I demand Filed chargeback with my bank. I don’t recommend them

  • #Dereky Martin-Hagler Al Hagler
  • #Dereky Martin-Hagler Al Hagler

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