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COMPLAINT ACTIVITY REPORT Case # [protected] Better Business Bureau of Central Oklahoma, Inc. Consumer Info: McVay, Jerry Business Info: David Stanley Auto Group 15505 Red Oak Ln 614 S.W. 74th Street Newalla, OK 74857 Oklahoma City, OK [protected] – [protected] [protected] [protected]@ymail.com Location Involved: (Same as above) Consumer’s Original Complaint : Viscously attacked and aggressively berated verbally by TRACY STRAIN, Service Department Director. Will not address his negligence. It saddens me greatly to know as an Air Force Veteran of 23 years defending our freedoms that I must file this complaint for I was treated so viscously, abusively and unprofessionally by TRACY STRAIN, Service Department Director. Following is a gisted account of the events. The actual very detailed letter describing the events file in a BBB complain with General Motors ID #[protected], is 7 pages 19, 351 characters (w/spaces). TRACY STRAIN Service Director: I was viscously, aggressively and horrifically attacked and berated verbally the one and only time I have ever met or attempted to speak to him, for NO cause on 5 December, 2014. I had never met him until this day. On 26 April 2014, I purchased a 2014 Chevy Silverado 1500 High Country. On or about 1 May 2014, the service department installed a defective chrome gas cap door. On or about 28 August 2014, I informed the service dept. of the defective gas cap door. Service Dept. opened the gas cap cover door causing damage to the paint on the pickup bed. I was informed it would take 3-5 business days to complete the repair. The service dept. paint shop had my vehicle 2 weeks. The paint shop caused damage to the fuel fill hose and returned my vehicle in dirty condition with paint dust for sanding. I attempted a temp. fix to the fuel fill hose damage to put fuel in the tank. As I was putting a temporary fix on the fuel fill hose, my cell phone glass screen was damaged. This was caused by the negligence of the Service Department. Fuel poured out through damaged fuel fill hose on to the ground. This was an environmental issue-the fuel spillage. Service Dept. scratched the rear bumper. Service Dept. did NOT inform me of ANY of the damages they caused. This is outright negligent behavior. Also, I did not file a complaint about any of the damages until I was viscously, aggressively and horrifically attacked and berated me verbally by TRACY STRAIN. TRACY STRAIN Service Director: viscously, aggressively and horrifically attacked and berated me verbally for no cause on 5 December 2014. His unprofessional and aggressive behavior was such that I fully expected a physical assault! It was a rudeness that I have never experienced personally from a business or person. Especially coming from a person in a director position. TRACY STRAIN NEVER ALLOWED ME TO SPEAK. When I attempted to speak, he interrupted me–6 times. Two interruptions in front of Mr. Haines, Customer Service. Events: May 1: Defective fuel door installed. Aug 28 Informed service dept. fuel door defective, Serv. Dept. damaged paint. Oct 30 Drop P/U off for fuel door, paint, and molding repair. Nov 18 Pick up truck, repairs completed. Returned in dirty condition. Nov 20 discover damage to fuel fill hose and gas cap lanyard not reattached. Cell phone damage due to Serv. Dept. negligence. Request to speak to TRACY STRAIN. He was on vacation. Dec 5, TRACY STRAIN: viscously, aggressively and horrifically attacked and berated me verbally for no cause when I attempted to discuss all damages and phone damage. Dec 5, Vehicle returned from regular scheduled maintenance with significant scratch on rear bumper. Dec 5; Spoke with Customer Service, Mr. Haines, about TRACY STRAINS gross behavior. December 12, Sent customer service survey and filed a BBB complaint to GM. Dec 12, GM customer relations contacts me about TRACY STRAINS gross behavior. As of 5 January 2015, I have not been contacted by David Stanley Chevrolet about TRACY STRAINS VICIOUS behavior to resolve the issues. NOTE: The Service Department NEGLIGENT in NOT informing me of ANY of the damages. I discovered each one of the damages. NOTE: The fuel door replacement, paint damage, fuel fill hose damage were all satisfactorily repaired. Consumer’s Desired Resolution: NOTE: Scratch on rear bumper not repaired yet, because this is the first notification to the dealership. Did not inform the dealership for fear very possible PHYSICAL ATTACK and continued VISCOUS verbal abuse by TRACY STRAIN.Expected compensation:1. TRACY STRAIN, publicly apologize, on the show room floor, to me for his disgusting behavior toward me. He needs to recognize his horrific behaviors.2. Written or verbal apology from Shane Downs and David Stanley, taking responsibility for Tracy Strain’s disgusting behavior .3. Scratch on rear bumper repaired.4. Reimburse cost of cell phone glass face repair ($130.00) caused by the NEGLIGENCE of TRACY STRAIN.5. The fuel cap lanyard reattached.As always, I am very willing to discuss these items. However, I will not have any discussion with TRACY STRAIN, other than his apology to me.As always, I am very willing to discuss these items. However, I will not have any discussion with Tracy Strain’s, other than his apology. BBB Processing 01/05/2015 web BBB Complaint Received by BBB 01/09/2015 AMR BBB Member or MIP Case Reviewed by BBB 01/09/2015 Otto EMAIL Send Acknowledgement to Consumer 01/09/2015 Otto EMAIL Inform MIP Member of Complaint 01/26/2015 OttO BBB No response to first notice to business 01/26/2015 OttO EMAIL Consumer – Have You Heard From the Company 01/26/2015 OttO EMAIL Second Notice to Business 01/26/2015 AMR BBB RECEIVE BUSINESS RESPONSE : Please be advised we are in receipt of your correspondence in connection with the above referenced matter. I personally interviewed Mr. Strain and he adamantly denies the allegations of Mr. McVay and states he conducted himself ethically and professionally at all times. While we regret that Mr. McVay is not completely satisfied with his experience at our dealership, we cannot agree to compensate him for the cost of replacing the iPhone since the damage thereto did not occur at the dealership and was not caused by any employee of the dealership. If there are other issues in connection with his vehicle, we will agree to review same as the dealership will stand behind the quality of work performed on the vehicle. Since lodging this complaint, Mr. McVay has scheduled an appointment with the Service Department to have his vehicle serviced. In light of this complaint, and the discrepancy between Mr. McVay’s version of events and Mr. Strain’s version of events, we feel that it is best if Mr. McVay choses another dealership to service his vehicle. This will avoid any further issues between the parties. Should you have additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call on me. Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated. Toby G. Flowers General Counsel David Stanley AutoGroup 01/26/2015 AMR EMAIL Forward Business response to Consumer 01/26/2015 WEB BBB RECEIVED CONSUMER REBUTTAL : (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.) Thank you for responding to my complaint. I am appreciative and glad to get some type of response from David Stanley Chevrolet. I’m not happy or glad that it came to a BBB complaint. Regretfully, I can not accept your response. Tracy Strain has now put you and David Stanley Chevrolet in a very bad light. It begs the question of the integrity and professionalism of the executive leadership. My wife and I have already called to speak to the executive leadership and you. I called four (4) times, of which I only spoke to the executive assistant’s voicemail. My wife called at least 3 times, of which, she spoke with the executive assistant, Ms. Roxy twice. Only one call was returned. That call was to my wife by the executive assistant, Ms. Roxy. All other calls received No attention or return service call. It is disconcerting to me that the executive leadership is wiling to accept a BBB complaint being of this nature, unsatisfied or not accepted all for a few dollars and a simple apology. I did “NOT ASK” for you to “Replace” my cell phone as you state in your response. Apparently, you were told I have an “iPhone”. You were mislead. I say this because, had you actually “Read” my complaint, you would have clearly read that I asked for assistance with the “Repair” of the “front screen” of my cell phone, “NOT Replace” my phone. I do not have an iPhone, I have a Samsung Galaxy S4. Again, I asked you to “Help/assist” in the “Repair” of my cell phone “Front Screen”, that was, factually, damaged at the extension of the dealership premises due to the negligence of your service department. You state “the damage did not occur at the dealership.” Since the scratch on my vehicles rear bumper was damaged at your dealership, I hear you are agreeing to repair the scratch or willing to at least discuss repairing the damage. As for my Samsung Galaxy S4 cell phone front screen, was effectively damaged on David Stanley’s premises. The fuel fill hose was factually damaged at the dealership from the negligence of the service department. When I had to put a temporary repair on the damaged fuel fill hose, to put enough fuel in the vehicle to get it back to the dealership, I was affectively a temporary employee of David Stanley, that effectively made wherever I was located, an extension of the David Stanley dealership. Your service department was negligent in the damage to my vehicles fuel fill hose. Which, was the third (3rd) time they damaged my brand new vehicle. I asked for a very simple, but very warranted, apology from Tracy Strain for his viscous attack, unethical, and unprofessional behavior. I am very satisfied with how I was treated by the sales and financial departments at David Stanley Chevrolet. They respected me and my wishes from the minute I met them. I have been exceptionally patient and forgiving through this entire incident and ordeal. No customer should be put through what Tracy Strain and his service department have done to me and my brand new vehicle. When filing a complaint with the BBB, I thought it odd they gather information on veterans. You did not address the negligence of your service department damaging my vehicle four (4) times. Which, one of the damages has still not been addressed until your statement in your response. I fully expected Tracy Strain to deny his viscous attack and unprofessional behavior. A person who has strong integrity, strength, and fortitude to own up to their actions and behaviors would be well thought of. It takes a very strong person to own up to their mistakes. We would not be communicating through the BBB, had management responded to my requests to discuss the incident with Tracy Strain and the service departments negligence. I am still very willing to briefly discuss with upper management a resolution to the incident with Tracy Strain, assistance with the repair of my cell phone Front Screen and the significant scratch on the rear bumper of my brand new vehicle. You should have my phone number from the messages I have left with Ms. Roxy. Had Tracy Strain not viscously attacked me. Had he been as respectful as I am, we would have discussed the issues. Unfortunately, I’ve only spoke 6 words to Tracy Strain in his office. I think 12 words spoken to him in front of Coach Haines, customer service representative, in the Coach’s office. I realize you think my complaint is an allegation, but, what Tracy did is sickening and fact. Even if you take it at face value, one of your customers was treated extremely poorly and very disrespectfully. You have not personally spoke with me about the incident. To make a conclusion based on Tracy’s verbal input and only my report is not a quality investigation. If you had spoken with me, I feel you would see that I have done nothing wrong and did not deserve the abuse from Tracy. This incident and the damages to my vehicle warranted a phone call from the executive leadership. There has been some real untruth spoken to you. If you wish to put this behind us positively, please respectfully contact me through my cell phone number listed in this report or you may get it from Ms. Roxy’s voicemail messages. I have given you a written version of the events that took place. I respectfully request a written version of Tracy’s view of the events. Thank you again for responding to my BBB complaint. I say truthfully, I diligently attempted to keep my complaints in-house (your house). I am glad to have the chance to communicate with you directly. Very respectful, Jerry McVay Customer 01/28/2015 AMR EMAIL Forward Consumer Rebuttal to Business 02/07/2015 BBB MORE INFO RECEIVED FROM THE CONSUMER : Sadly, Toby has not contacted me from our last communication here. Toby offered for me to call him to resolve the issue. I have called 4 times and not one call has been returned by anyone from David Stanley Chevrolet Management. Tracy Strain has yet to apologize for his “unethical and unprofessional” behavior or his “physical threat” to me. He has stated that his viscous attack and physical threat are ethical and professional behavior. So, to date, Toby or anyone from David Stanley Chevrolet has NOT contacted me about repairing the scratch on my bumper caused by Tracy Strains negligence. Nor have the discussed assisting me in the repair of my cell phone screen. Which was damaged due Tracy Strains negligence. I’ll continue to update this file as long as I am not contacted by Toby or any executive management from David Stanley Chevrolet for them to repair the scratch on my bumper and assist in the repair of my cell phone screen. Both, damaged due to Tracy Strains negligence. Jerry 02/09/2015 OttO BBB No Response from Business re: Consumer Rebuttal 02/27/2015 AMR EMAIL FORWARD CONSUMER REBUTTAL TO BUSINESS : No word since Mr. Mcvay last entered information. 03/10/2015 OttO BBB No Response from Business re: Consumer Rebuttal 03/10/2015 AMR BBB No Consumer Response- Assumed Resolved w/o Letter 03/11/2015 AMR BBB REOPEN THE COMPLAINT : New complaint filed by Mr. McVay. 03/11/2015 AMR BBB RECEIVED CONSUMER REBUTTAL : Refer to BBB Case #[protected] for complete details. Failure to honor extended service contract of which I paid $400.00. UPDATE 10 March 2015 Toby Flowers has not returned my calls. I paid $400.00 for an extended service contract with David Stanley Chevrolet. David Stanley will not allow me to request or make an appointment to honor the contract. Today, 10 March 2015, I had to pay $63.00 to have the oil changed. David Stanley Chevrolet has cost me over $100.00 to “repair the front screen” on my cell phone and now, $63.00 for an oil change I’ve already paid for. David Stanley Chevrolet has breached the extended service contract with me. I paid $400.00 for the service that is not being honored. In fact, Tracy Strain threatened me to keep me from making an appointment. Sadly, after nearly 4 months and multiple attempts to work an agreeable resolution with David Stanley Chevrolet Executive Management for the unethical, unprofessional, and negligent behavior of Tracy Strain, Service Department Director. The first time my vehicle was damaged was on 26 April 2014. All repairs have not been completed as of 10 March 2015. BBB CASE#: [protected] Tracy Strain refuses to acknowledge and apologize for his viscous, extremely aggressive attack, unethical, and unprofessional behavior. Here is a gist of the events that took place (not necessarily in the order presented): All damages were NEVER brought to my attention. I discovered each of the damages (5 total). 1. Extreme “unethical and unprofessional” behaviors and a direct physical threat made to me and to damage my vehicle again by Tracy Stain, Service Department Director. (Strain denies this; QUOTE “adamantly denies the allegations and acted in an ethical and professional behavior at all times.” END QUOTE. This could not be more further from the truth!! 2. Defective chrome fuel cover door installed. 3. Service department extreme damage to paint. (2nd damage) 4. Poor communication: 1. I was not informed of the defective door, 2. I was not informed of the damage caused by the service department; 3. I was not informed they required 3-5 days to repair the damage; 4. I spent from [protected] at the dealership because of number 3 above, my service agent was not informed I was waiting. 5. Excessive delay in completing repairs. 6. The service department paint shop held my vehicle for over 2 weeks to repair the damage to the paint. 7. Fuel fill hose damaged. 8. Negligence of service department caused damage to my cell phone glass face. 9. Failure to complete all repairs. 10. Vehicle returned dirty with dust from sanding during the paint repair. 11. Viscously and aggressively attacked and berated by Tracy Strain, service department director. ***Would have physically assaulted me had I not left the situation.*** 12. Rear bumper damaged during regular maintenance by the service department (5th time damaged). 13. Tracy Strain gave a direct physical threat to me and threatened to damage my vehicle, again. 14. Cell phone glass face still not repaired as of 7 February 2015. 15. Damage on rear bumper still not repaired. 16. I have not been contacted to discuss these issues. 17. Customer Service failure to answer phone calls and status reports. 18. No investigation in to these events has been made by the dealership. 19. As of 7 February 2015, Executive Management has not responded to my 4 calls to discuss resolution of these issues. These are true facts of the events that have taken place. Tracy Strain can deny his viscous, aggressive, unethical, and unprofessional behavior for lack of integrity, honesty and strength of character, however, he CANNOT deny the damages to my vehicle nor can he deny his direct physical threat and threatening to damage my vehicle, again. I have those threats in an email sent by him. No attempt to return my phone calls is unacceptable at minimum. Now, you are not upholding a signed and paid ($400.00) for extended service agreement. Please contact me so we can resolve this issue and closeout this complaint. As I have already asked for: A respectful mature apology. Assistance with the cost of repairing the front screen on my cell phone or equivalent restitution in Chevrolet merchandise. The scratch on my rear bumper repaired. Refund my $400.00 I paid for the extended service plan. I have already attach the gas cap lanyard. I did their work for them. I’m not asking for much. These few requests can be filled immediately if David Stanley Chevrolet will honorably step up and fill them. 03/11/2015 AMR EMAIL Forward Consumer Rebuttal to Business 03/17/2015 AMR BBB RECEIVED BUSINESS’ REBUTTAL RESPONSE : Please be advised we are in receipt of your supplemental correspondence in connection with the above referenced matter. The Extended Service Contracts sold by the dealership are honored at multiple dealerships and service locations. It is not mandatory for the service to be performed at David Stanley Chevrolet, so Mr. McVay can continue to enjoy the benefit of the service contract. If Mr. McVay would like to cancel the Extended Service Contract there is a cancellation procedure in place. Mr. McVay can contact Ms. Betty Hunt in the Accounting Department to begin the cancellation process. Should you have additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call on me. Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated. Toby G. Flowers General Counsel David Stanley AutoGroup 03/17/2015 AMR EMAIL Send Business’ Rebuttal Response-New Offer

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