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Below is an email I just sent (March 2016) to the David Weekley Tampa regional office. Good morning, I”m contacting you about our overall complete dissatisfaction with the building of our house. I”m sure that we are not the first to contact you about the faulty construction; I know with certainty that several of our neighbors have contacted you over the years. Our house is five years old. We have cracked tiles, our son”s room has flooded twice from rain coming through the window, sheet rock lifting in various rooms, especially around the windows, floor tiles lifting all around the house, leaking around two toilets in two bathrooms, and now an entire section of our roof shingles came right up off our roof and fell onto the ground. When my husband went up to try to determine what happened, he saw that most of the roof tiles are not even nailed down and we are close to losing half our roof. We have already had the exterior of our house repainted. Our FIVE YEAR OLD house had to be repainted. When the painters came out, they told us that the paint that was originally used was extremely poor quality and likely watered down to cover more square footage. There were sections of our house that were not even completely covered with paint. Not to our surprise, they told us that they had already repainted several houses in our neighborhood that were the same age or less than our house. We have resealed several windows on our FIVE YEAR OLD house. We are now in the middle of talking with the roofing contractor who did our roof and the shingle provider. Everyone is trying to determine where things went wrong and, in the interim, we have water coming into our FIVE YEAR OLD roof and are anticipating a leak any moment. We are facing a weekend of rain with basically a hole in our roof and hoping that the contractor and distributer come to an agreement and help us fix it. If we have to pay a dime to accomplish this, I really think that I may completely lose it. We have refrained from contacting you after the first few years because, frankly, when we did, your company was less than helpful and we have heard from other homeowners that you basically did nothing and quoted the warranty guidelines as your protection for not being responsible for a poorly built house. We work very hard to pay for our mortgage and work hard to maintain our home but it is a losing battle when it was built incredibly poorly. We patched and repainted the stucco outside, flush our pipes, ensure proper drainage, do everything we are supposed to do, all the while knowing (we are both Floridians) that this is completely ridiculous. We own another home, built in the 70″s, that we have never had to do any of this maintenance to and that home is older than we are. Our parents didn”t have to go out every three months and patch, seal and repaint their exterior walls. It”s asanine and yet we continue to do it because we want a safe home for our child and ourselves. The roof coming off in large pieces is the last straw for us. We are not people who complain, we take responsibility for what is ours, and we are never looking for a free ride. We both work hard, work evenings and weekends, travel out of time for work, and believe in contributing to our community. In short, we are not people who “cry wolf, ” we are not “squeaky wheels, ” and we don”t ask for more than we deserve. We understand that you will not do anything to address any of these concerns. What we want you to understand is that we will tell any single person who will listen what an incredibly poor job you did on the building and overseeing of the building of our home. We will use every available means of social media, spread the word to our family and friends who we will ask to spread the word to their families and friends, and make sure our neighbors do the same. We do not want any other individual, couple or family to pay their hard-earned dollars for a home that does not keep them safe and is falling down around them. So, we will tell anyone we meet, anywhere we meet them, in this community or other communities, this region or other regions, this state or other states, that David Weekley is a terrible homebuilder and they would be better off with, likely, any other company. We doubt this email properly conveys our disappoint or disgust but please be assured that we will work aggressively to let others know the extent to which we feel both these things to your company.

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