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DCG Marketing

Unfortunately, i feel that i have to write this as dave glass and his wife, pamela glass, have again changed their business names in an attempt to avoid the vast amount of negetive feedback by past employees. I feel obliged to offer some protection to people who see their falsely advertised ‘jobs’ online. | I’ll break the job down, if you are interested in working for dave glass or pamela glass: | Essentially, you’ll be working a door-to-door, 10.00-21.00, monday to saturday. You’ll be paid commission only, with most of that going into a ‘bond’ which is nothing other than dave glass storing it in his bank account You will be very lucky, and indeed a miserable person if you’re there long enough) to ever see that cash. | Most people there make £250-300 gross, per week. You then need to deduct your expenses i.E. Travel, phone usage etc from that. A typical week will be 70 hours That’s 70 hours walking, on foot, rain or shine, summer or winter) for £250-300. You will be working for about half of minimum wage. | You will be officially ‘self employed’ too. Thus, you have no rights in terms of sick leave or holiday time. You will also have to arrange to register as a business if you plan on paying tax and national insurance, although i don’t think anyone there actually did this Which they may come to regret in later life). | Essentially, the scam is how the ‘job’ is sold to you. It’s extremely, and intentially, hazy. Extremely long contracts are drawn up which they pressure you to sign in 5 minutes. Neither dave nor pam will actually tell you what the ‘job’ entails before you sign up. They also take advantage of ‘less advantaged’ people by baiting them with ‘promotion opportunities.’ | The whole business is founded, and operated on lies. I honestly struggle to imagine how david glass and pamela glass can come home at night and think this is a good way to live, operating as bottom feeders. | They’ll also bait you with hilarious techniques. Dave glass showed us a pic of ‘his bmw.’ they’ll promise trips abroad and one guy in the office will have won an xbox or something Bare in mind this guy probably paid for it multiple times by working so cheap). | I worked there a few years ago as a summer job when it was called dcg marketing Dave c**t glass marketing). I was annoyed that they have yet again changed the name to slime past all the negetive feedback and scam warnings. A genuine company would stand up to that kind of feedback, not change it’s name every two years. | Work there and you’ll get paid below minimum wage, work in awful conditions, get treated like absolute filth Their employee turnover is so high that they literally treated some people like dog poo), work in dangerous areas, spend 70 hours per week on your feet and come home exhausted, pay every expenses yourself, and if you don’t make a sale- well, then you don’t eat. | Oh, and you’ll spend 15 mins every morning running in circles and clapping your hands for ‘motivation.’ | A side note to any of you tempted by this rubbish. Seriously, go work in mcd’s or something if you need a job. It’s honestly a much better place to start. I quickly switiched to a supermarket position and it was one of the best jobs i had. I’ve now finished uni and moved on.

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  1. Arlette Kudlacik
    June 16, 2020
  2. Duncan Rebert
    June 16, 2020

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