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Deegan Roofing Complaint

August 8th, 2019 We are having a very, very bad experience with Deegan Roofing so far. I hired them after seeing all the positive reviews. They did a new roof for us at our home in Edison about 2 weeks ago and also replaced two skylights. With the heavy rain today, the entire roof in the family room started to leak a lot. Water is streaming into the house and we have had to place buckets, utensils and towels all over the room to collect and clean up the mess. The water is also getting into the walls and windows, and causing bulges in the ceiling, and already has damaged electronics like our floor speakers. We learnt that they left some part of the roof unfinished and never even informed us. That caused the leak. We are trying to get them to fix this. I hope they will make this right. Very frustrating experience so far. See links: Oct 5th 2019 (update two months after the leaks started). This is an addition to my review to provide an update. We have been working with Mr. Deegan’s team to get our room back to its original state. This is still ongoing and is a frustrating process. Mr. Deegan’s team pulled out the dry wall and insulation and said they fixed the roof fully. But after the next rain, we again saw water on the floor. One of his experts said the soffit needed to be replaced, another expert said the water was coming from the old insulation. Neither was right. Finally after we insisted that they test it by spraying water on the roof, they found that a flashing was leaking – surprisingly they never found it even after fixing the roof and replacing the gutters. We paid to have the flashing fixed, and fortunately it hasn’t leaked again to our knowledge. Wish this was identified and fixed the first time without all the hassle. When the insulation was removed, we discovered a section of a wall that needed some remediation, which we are paying for to get fixed (I am ok with this, since it was unrelated to the bad roof job). The insulation and drywall has been replaced, but unfortunately the floor refinishing was done poorly and there are bumps on the floor – can’t walk barefoot without feeling it (see picture). They also put our furniture in the garage and now want us to sign a waiver before they put it back. We are now negotiating with them to finish the floor properly the way it was (they say it was our fault from leaving the door open but we closed it right away as advised). Over the past two months, we have had to cancel multiple events at home and we had to take six days of vacation / work from home days in the summer simply to be available at home while they fix this. The job is still not fully done and we still can’t use the room. It takes a lot of prodding to get them to respond, even if I am directly corresponding with Mr.Deegan. Hopefully we’ll have the room back soon. Oct 18th: After prodding, they agreed to come back and smooth out the floor. The furniture is now back in the room. However, looks like our sound system got damaged when the roof leaked. Trying to sort it out.

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