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I hired Donovan to replace the plastic bumper, left headlight, t-bar, and washer fluid resovior on my 2012 kia Soul. He quoted me a price of $1100 and said it would take at least a week.I paid him cash up front to purchase the parts.I was told I’d get an invoice at the end. I waited 2 weeks for my parts to come in and then recieved a text saying he had all the parts and to bring my car in to get worked on. | As I was dropping it off he noticed one of my airbag sensors was missing and quoted me $350 to order a new one and replace it. I left to get him more money and when I got back he informed me that my entire wiring assembly for my airbags had melted and needed to be replaced. He called someone and put them on speaker and said some part numbers and info and the person on the phone said the wiring harness was $2300. I said forget it…I don’t have that kind of money. At this point he started looking online and found me a “deal” for an off market harness for $900 but they only had 1 left and it was located in Tucson so he had to leave ASAP to go get it. | I gave him another $1000 to pay for the part and traveling. | Several days later, after many texts asking for updates, he messaged me that my car was ready. I could pick it up that evening. He sent a few dimly lit pictures. I arrived at 6;30 and the garage was dark, he handed me my keys and said have a good night…I got in and my car wouldn’t start. We tried for almost 10 minutes before it finally started. I was nearly in tears. I’ve had zero mechanical problems with my car. The front end was purely cosmetic and structural. I was at the point I was feeling uneasy and just wanted OUT! | I left and the following day I had an appointment to get my brakes done and had mentioned that I just had the entire front end replaced.A few minutes later my name was called and a Manager asked to speak with me. He took me to my car and apologized that I had been taken advantage off.He had my car on a lift and as we walked under it, he pointed out where I was missing several components of my front end. I immediately took a few pictures and messaged Donovan asking where my parts were and why he hadn’t replaced them? I also asked if my airbags were even working.He saw my messages and then blocked me, never even replying. | I have been to the police and was told it’s a civil matter. Filing and serving fees will be $300+.

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