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Dorabjee & Co. Complaint

As for me; Worst “First Time Experience” ever! I happen to be a big culinary fan always ready to try out new and exotic recipes. Had been planning to try a new exotic recipe, Thai Style Chicken, but could not get hold of all the ingredients. A friend of mine suggested to visit Dorabjee”s in Camp. Being a resident of Sangvi I had to make time for my visit to Camp. Needless to say it was my first visit (and hopefully my last) to Dorabjee”s. I waited eagerly to get a day off on Friday as most of my weekends are used up in other activities. I visited Dorabjee”s with my wife who clearly has a better sense of picking up the best of ingredients. It took me roughly 20 minutes to pickup the few items required; had there been any sensible staff to guide me around it could have saved me at least 10 minutes? But this certainly cannot even be registered as a whimper as compared to what was about to happen! When we joined the queue for billing we noticed the movement was very sparse. The person in front of me moved away from the queue after 30 minutes. At that point of time the queue for some reason came to a standstill. Another 10 minutes, and another customer moves to another queue. I look towards the counter, there is nothing there to indicate if the counter is functional or not, so I walk up to the counter to find the billing machine is not operational and there was no one attending the counter. What I failed to understand is that in a work force consisting of more than 200 “educated employees, ” why no one had the sense to close the counter by placing an Out Of Order sign over it. Guess, common sense truly is uncommon. I took 3 items from the trolley and joined the express counter which said 6 items or less. When I reached the counter I asked my wife to hand me 3 more items and leave the rest behind. The customer behind me(seemed highly educated, equally intolerant) started complaining stating I cannot accept any items from someone outside the queue and asked for the staff at the counter to call for security. The staff, shockingly, was in complete agreement with the other customer stating that I was wasting the time of others by helping the ones out of the queue and called out for the security guard. Guess they failed to realize that billing the other three items would have taken a lot less time. I was not very surprised that no security guard turned up despite the ruckus created at the counter. My wife intervened and was very rudely asked to return to her queue. She sarcastically asked, “which queue, the one with the broken billing machine.., and no one at the counter to attend to?” And all she got as a reply was an ill-mannered “Yes!” in a deadpan. I strongly feel that to be employed at Dorabjee”s, one needs to possess an IQ less than 70. My wife suggested we leave everything and exit the godforsaken place but only against my better judgment I decided to hang around and joined another queue. By now we had lost well over an hour and I started making a mental note of the errands I would not be able to attend to, courtesy Dorabjee”s. Not to mention the ordeal left me mentally exhausted. I decided to take another chance and approached a senior staff member with my complain. This one was worst of them! Guess that”s why he qualified for a supervisor”s role. He tried to show that he was multitasking and kept attending to certain paper work while listening to me, and all I heard him say throughout was a really provoking “hmm, hmm, hmm…” I nearly burst out, but my upbringing forced me to hold it. I think “hmm, hmm, is the only word he had in his entire vocab, because he repeated it even after I stopped talking, expecting him to come up with an apology – frankly, it seemed too much to expect a solution or remedy from them. It occurred to me that Dorabjee”s might have announced for employees in the classified section with the headline “UNSKILLED REQUIRED” dominating the advertisement. The ordeal ensured that I end up wasting enough time so as to skip certain chores, cut down on the time to rest, screw up on my sleep, and end up in the office with a severe headache the following day. I had simply assumed that the customer service at Dorabjee”s would be something to look out for(after all they have been managing the famous Dorabjee”s hotel for about 135 years and the mall for more than 10 years now). What I suffered in terms of poor customer service, uncooperative and utterly disgraceful staff(not all the staff), and loss of personal time, only suggests otherwise. The very name of Dorabjee”s now sounds like sandpaper on my ears, the very thought of shopping there makes me throw up in my mouth, and even looking at those ###ed faculty makes my blood boil. A word to the wise – if you ever plan to shop at Dorabjee”s in the near future, do not get your hopes too high, and do not expect any level of intellect from the staff or you shall find out firsthand the meaning of the term disappointment. The disappointed, shocked and exasperated customer of Dorabjee”s, Regretfully yours, (never wanna be) Naphtali

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