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I first contacted Oasis Dental to get a restoration on my back tooth. I also informed them that I have a severe dental phobia due to childhood experiences. Oasis sent me an email saying they’d love to have me, but schedule soon because appointments are filling up fast. | Despite telling me that they’d begin treatment on my first appointment, they only did some x-rays. I was told I needed 3 crowns and root canals. They made an appointment with Dr. Tucker to begin work. | When I came in, Dr. Tucker said I didn’t need a root canal. He also told me it was his last day, which I honestly found unsettling. The Doctor wasn’t able to effectively numb that area, and I felt quite a bit of pain during the crown preparation process. They were unable to make the crown that day, which was unfortunate, because same-day crowns was one of the selling points when I picked Oasis. I went home in a lot of pain, and for some reason my teeth would chatter every time I tried to close my mouth. | I came back two weeks later and that went pretty badly, too. The crown fitting was first attempted by one of the girls from the front desk. She tried several times, each of which hurt quite a bit. She eventually brought in another person to try. I was told the crown was perfect. It has hurt every single day since then. When I complained about the pain, I was told the dental work was fine, and it was probably another tooth causing me all the trouble. I decided to trust in the process and was given a root canal. | I went home to lay down. My face got swollen and I was in a tremendous amount of pain, which radiated out towards my ear and upper jaw. I was having difficulty speaking, so my wife called the emergency number at Oasis. The doctor got back in touch with my wife and wrote a prescription for some sort of steroids, but again, nothing for the pain. | We got the steroids and I began taking them. They have numerous side effects and made me sick. My wife called back and the doctor ignored her questions about the problems I was having with the steroids and informed her that this was the course of treatment we were sticking with. | I went back again for my second crown and told them I thought I might have a tooth infection, because my symptoms got better when I started taking antibiotics prescribed by my doctor. They sent me to a specialist to get a CT scan; I walked 7 miles to see them and paid another $125. I returned my scans to the office and went home. They contacted me later that day to say that I needed to go back to the specialist because I was supposed to have had a full evaluation, even though that’s not what they told me to get. | When I expressed my frustration at having to walk back, they changed their tune yet again and suddenly said I didn’t need to go back because they’d determined what I had (aka, they bothered to open the scans). I have a fractured, infected tooth that desperately needs to come out–that they had missed this entire time despite me complaining about it. I was told I needed to schedule an extraction and an implant, but they would give me a discount due to their previous neglect. They did not feel bad enough to make the effort of prescribing any pain medication ahead of the weekend (they close on Thursdays)–as always, my misery could wait until Monday. | Although I did not have much faith now that it had taken 3 teeth to find the pain that they caused, I agreed to schedule an appointment when they opened back up on Monday (mentioning that it was my birthday). I wrote to them this morning asking for more details about the cost of the procedure and discount, length of aftercare and follow-up for the implant, etc., since I obviously had misgivings after they refused to listen to me before. I shouldn’t have been surprised at this point when they ignored EVERY one my questions again and tried to pressure me into the appointment rather than give me any details of what to expect. Then they accidentally sent me an email clearly meant for Dr. Aldridge that discussed how much of a discount to offer me and mentioned their prices, which were 1/2 of what they were going to charge me. What a circus. | After they came back to me with their “discount”–a whopping $60 is what 6 weeks of agony is worth to them, apparently–I noticed that they hadn’t mentioned the implant pricing and discount. I asked about it, and then they said the implant may or may not happen. It was a sure thing on Friday! | I kept pressing for answers to my questions and the evasions continued all day, until my anxiety was finally too high and I asked my wife to call and just schedule the appointment. She spoke with the office manager who claimed that she was trying to spare me from the details of my care (?) out of respect for my anxiety (?!) but they would call later to confirm the time of my appointment on Wednesday. When we heard from them next, they said they wouldn’t be able to perform the extraction I desperately needed because I was too anxious and referred me back to a specialist. | They stole 6 weeks of my life after they left me in agony. I lost 15 pounds and counting because I still cannot eat or chew properly. If I can’t get an implant and want to get a bridge, they have now ensured that I have to pay for 2 more crowns. They ruined my birthday by making it a day-long effort to schedule an appointment they had no intention of keeping. I was very upfront with them about not being a rich man, but they never took that into consideration and continued to try and upsell me. They are scam artists who wasted my time, stressed our entire family, and capitalized on my vulnerability when all I ever asked for was compassion. Matt claims to be a good guy, but these are not the actions of good people.

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  1. Clara Cabrar
    June 17, 2020

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