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I filed a Complaint February 22.2015 on Fred Hatfield. current Chairman of the Ashland Oregon Lodge 944 and Trustee for ten years. I filed as an attempt to stop his vicious and unwarranted attacks against me. I was summoned to an unauthorized meeting called by the accused. held at the Lodge on January 18. 2015. at which he harassed me with Board members and Officers present which. was insulting. disdainful and embarrassing to me and has caused me great distress and anxiety and is unjustified. | The January meeting was recorded by Mr. Hatfield and downloaded onto his personal computer and was later played for members not attending the meeting. The recording remained on Mr. Hatfield’s computer until he was ordered by Grand Lodge Don Fenn to put it in the office and destroy any copies. Mary McClary. now current Exalted Ruler acted as secretary. She took minutes at the meeting and took them home. When asked to tum them into the office she said she had destroyed them. | At the January 18, 2015 meeting. I was told of other prior meetings called by Mr. Hatfield to investigate me, starting as early as October. 2014 because of an anonymous letter received by the Board. Knowledge of all these meetings was kept from the Exalted Ruler because he is married to me and he was also named in an anonymous letter. These meetings were set up by Mr. Hatfield and were attended by Trustees. Lodge Officers. Past Exalted Rulers and OSEA Officers without anyone informing the Exalted Ruler. Mr. Hatfield even called in a Past Exalted Ruler to travel from Springfield to Ashland to investigate me and meet with the author of the anonymous letter. | These meetings were also reportedly recorded by Mr. Hatfield on his personal device and played back for members. Minutes and recordings of these meetings were never turned into the office but were quoted in the January 18. 2015 meeting and recording. Exalted Ruler. Mary McClary. knowing the author of the anonymous letter as friend and City of Ashland coworker. admittedly identified and coaxed June Cummings to come forward. meeting and collaborating with Fred Hartfield in meetings prior to the January 18th. without acknowledging meetings or information to the Exalted Ruler.Proper complaint protocol was not followed. The accusations and quotes in the anonymous letter were untrue and I never was given a chance to even address them. | The deceitful and maligning conduct of Fred Hatfield ripped the Lodge apart. Left with no resolve. I filed “Intent to File” and Mr. Hatfield immediately shared it with everyone he could. launching and even worse campaign against me. The accused has badgered me, harassed me, intimidated me verbally and encouraged others to disparage my name and reputation. | Many times, I have brought issues up to Board members with no response or action taken. One of the biggest concerns was, Mr. Hatfield instructed and intimidated me. Sec 9.140 regarding shows of immodest and immoral character as defined in the Grand Lodge Hatfield and 2012-2013 Exalted Ruler Michael Golden promoted a burlesque show at the Lodge. I voiced my concerns then and was rebuffed by them and two more shows were produced 12/08/12. These shows were promoted on public internet, advertising the Ashland Elks as sponsors with personal phone numbers of Mr. Hatfield and Mr. Golden advertised as ticket contacts. Tickets were sold to nonmembers. Nonmembers were served liquor. A newspaper article reported that the Lodge served cocktails and appetizers to the audience. It has been defended that the shows were two years ago but fact is. the advertisements were lett up on public internet for 2 plus years, connecting the Ashland Elks as sponsors of the burlesque. | I called State Sponsor Jim Damon about the burlesque shows were promoted and attended by Trustees. Officers. and open to the public for non-members. During my time as a member I witnessed many violations. not only of by-laws and Statues hut also violations of OLCC Rules. City Ordinances. all of which threaten the well-being of the Lodge. Many times, I have reported violations to Fred Hatfield and other Trustees but nothing was done. | The Board and Officers of Ashland Lodge 944 have total disregard to the Annotated Statues of the Order. There is no trustworthy leadership in place in our Lodge. It is being run by a click. causing irreparable damage to the Lodge reputation. Officers of the Lodge have maligned my reputation to many of my friends in the Lodge. Officers have been instructed not to speak to me by the accused’s attorney. | The wrath I am incurring as a ”Whistle Blower” is yet another example of the disrespect of Statues 121.70; If any Lodge employee or Member reports in good faith what the employee or member believes to be a violation of the Laws of the order. any federal. state or any financial wrong doing. to any duly constituted authority of the Order. or assists in an investigation concerning financial wrong doing. there shall be no retaliation taken against the employee or Member, including or not limited to harassment or disciplinary action by the Lodge or any of its members. | I believe, I was targeted because I have stood up for Grand Lodge Statues, OLCC Regulations. City Ordinances, and Federal Laws.

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  1. Aubrey Salahubdin
    June 16, 2020

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