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Your obvious obstinate refusal to contact me to give to me your new address, crucial information to be able to exercise my right by law is one more component strengthens the evidence of intent to defraud me which pursuant the Florida Statutes Chapter 832.041(1) is a crime characterized as felony of the third degree.

I tried desperately since May 2012 just to get paid for my cervices as hairstylist. A BAD check had been gave to me of an amount of $580.00 for one full head highlights / lowlights, ½ head highlights/ lowlights long hair, two woman cut / blow dry, one color and two men haircuts.
I sent the Legal Notice Certified Mail to EXPERIENCE PLUS PRODUCTION, LLC on September 14, 2013 as required by Florida Statutes Chapter 832.07(1)(a).

On September 14, 2013 I sent by text message to Espinasse alias Laurence and Patrick YAICH a message to inform them about the Legal Notice sent with the address to send a money order of an amount of $620.00 as required by law.
On September 27, 2013 I informed through a private message on Facebook, Kevin YAICH, their son (34 years old, living in Miami) and Joy YAICH alias Joyy L., their daughter (18 years old, living with her parents) about the Legal Notice sent by Certified Mail and the track number 7012 2920 0001 4323 9759. USPS left a notice on September 16, 2013 and I informed them to inform their parents to pick up or have someone to pick up the Legal Notice sent by Certified Mail.
NO RESPONSE from nobody. Joy Yaich alias Joyy L. actually blocked me on Facebook. She must think that it is normal that I provide services for her family including her… for free!!! Why???????
Who are those people… Al Capone family? If I think back about what they are capable to do…engineer and manipulate just to steal $580 from a hairstylist… what they do for hundred thousands of dollars???!!! That is my point.

Information that would be turn over to the State Attorney:
Laurence or Espinasse Yaich and Patrick Yaich acted with the intent to defraud me, Jerome V with the original intent to definitely defraud me.
I could not imagine that the check Number 1422 would bounced because Espinasse Yaich alias Laurence Yaich was my client since November 2010 and she always paid me by check for all my cervices for her, her daughter, son and husband. I never had any problem with all the checks she wrote to me. She always paid me with the same check book that belonged to the same banking account, which is the same that the bad check Number 1422.
I did have no reason to believe and I still do not have no reason to believe that Espinasse Yaich alias Laurence Yaich could not afford $580.00 for my services knowing that the rent they paid for a single home family was $12,000.00 per month and that the rent of the new house they were going to move in at this time was around $17,000.00 per month.
1- The prior criminal record, suspicious activities and lack of morality of Espinasse Yaich alias Laurence Yaich and Patrick Yaich:
a- Patrick Yaich, Accused, judged and found guilty of “breach of trust” and “unfair management” at the Criminal Court in Lausanne. (March 2009).
>> sources ; Articles : « 24 heures »
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By ALAIN WALTHER on 03.03.2009
Les ex-dirigeants du groupe Jan condamnés
By ALAIN WALTHER on 13.03.2009
b- I, Jerome V, heard Espinasse Yaich alias Laurence Yaich on regular basis and quiet often saying that she has to go to Switzerland “to get money”, which always appeared to me suspicious… Bring money from Switzerland?… how? Certainly cash, there is no need to go to Switzerland for a bank transfer… so why no to use electronic transfer if their money is coming from legal activities!!!
c- Espinasse Yaich is an officer of a legal entity registered with the Florida Corporation Department, EXPERIENCE PLUS PRODUCTION, LLC., active, under Laurence Yaich which is not her legal civil name. Why?
d- The unique address registered with Florida Corporation Department on the reinstatement document dated April 11, 2013 as Mailing address, Business address and physical address for the three Managers, Espinasse YAICH alias Laurence YAICH, Patrick YAICH and Joy YAICH alias Joyy L. for EXPERIENCE PLUS PRODUCTION, LLC., is the one the Legal Notice had been sent and the one had been reported in this report; 2481 DEL LAGO RD. FORT LAUDERDALE, FL 33136 with the wrong zip code, the real zip code is 33316… Mistake… five times… I do not think so!!! Are they hiding? What to think?
e- Patrick Yaich told me that he was an international attorney and he may need my best friend services as Business Manager to set up a Law Office in Miami. Espinasse Yaich alias Laurence Yaich asked me to schedule an appointment with my friend and her husband, Patrick Yaich for a meeting.
My friend honored the appointment with Patrick Yaich because his wife was my client. She did not feel to go. The meeting had not rational point.
He just causes an opportunity to exercise his narcissism and what should be his hobby … degrading someone. My friend saw raid away that his English sucks and she did not understand why all those technical questions about French laws.
She is not an attorney. The meeting was supposed to be about the business aspect of a setup of a law office in Miami, (licenses, location…).
So, my friend did some research;
Patrick Yaich had never been an international lawyer. Patrick Yaich does not have any license registered with Florida Bar and never open a Law Office in Miami and never had the intention to open a law office in Miami.
Patrick Yaich always been only a financial attorney registered only with Paris Bar.
There is a strong possibility that he was disbarred because of his issues with the law.
It is clear that Patrick Yaich is a liar!!! But the question remains… what was his motivation???… I see just one explaination… Patrick Yaich is a sick men with a Twisted mind who needs help!
2- The strength of the evidence of intent to defraud me Jerome V., the victim:
a- That day Espinasse Yaich alias Laurence Yaich asked me more services at once that the usual. It was in fact an opportunity for her to obtain haircut, color, highlight for the all family for free. She knew that the check would bounced, she knew she will not be in Miami and that they were in a process of moving and that I did not have their new address.
b- Espinasse Yaich alias Laurence Yaich left Miami for Switzerland a short time after she wrote me the check… and of course I did not run to the bank to deposit the check as usual because she was my trusted client since November 2010 and I never had any problem with all checks she wrote me. She never mentioned to me that she will leave Miami.
I tried to reach her for days when my bank notified me that the check was returned for insufficient fund. She did not answer my phone calls and text messages or returned it.
So I contacted her daughter (17 years old at this time) who gave to me her father, Patrick Yaich phone number. At first Patrick Yaich did not answer or return my phone calls for a couple of days so I did contact one more time their daughter by text message apologizing for the fact I did not have any other chose to try to communicate with her parents than through her. On my text to her I asked her to notify her parents that the check her mother wrote me bounced and that they need to pay me.
At that point Patrick Yaich called me very upset to just yell at me…
c- When Espinasse Yaich alias Laurence Yaich was back to Miami, she never answers to any of my messages or phone calls, her husband, Patrick Yaich responded to me instead of her from his phone!!!!
d- Patrick Yaich was insulting, manipulative and degrading. His intention were clear from the beginning… he did not want to honor the bad check as well. In fact he tried to get back the bad check to eliminate any evidence of their crime.
– Patrick Yaich argued about the price of my services which were de same we agreed with his wife, Espinasse Yaich alias Laurence Yaich.
– Patrick Yaich put me in a position to justify the price of my services. He compared my rate as hairstylist per hour to the rate of the services of an attorney per hour. He told me I was just a hairstylist!!!
– Laurence Yaich or Espinasse Yaich was my client since November 2010 and I always charged the same price for color, men haircut, woman haircut or highlight.
– He changed many times his story of how and when his going to pay me. He tried to make me believe that he wanted the check back to give to me another one after he let me believe that I did not understand and that he wanted to give me cash. When I called him to confirm the time we were suppose to meet to pay me he pretended that I did not understand the time and changed again his story.
– He became gradually more offensive and manipulative when he understood that I was not willing to give up the check easily. He wanted me to go to their place which was not close from where I lived. I thought that he would be easy for him to take the bad check from my hand and just close the door. I would be in his place… what could I do?.
– I told him that he just need to put money in the account and I will redeposit the check or send me a new check or money order and cancel the bad one… or we could meet where I lived to give to me cash and he could cancel the check… None of those options were satisfactory for him.
Patrick Yaich wrote actually by text message that the account was not active anymore and it needed to be reactivated and that it will take at least 10 days???!!!…. a non sens!!!
– It kept going like that back and forth for days…. Patrick Yaich understood that he would not have the bad check without me collecting the money so he was gaining time until they moved to the new place where I did not have the address.
e- Since Espinasse Yaich alias Laurence Yaich and Patrick Yaich knew the check bounced May 2012, they never by anyway tried to reach me to pay me. I did collect from them only headache and lies.
f- To all messages I sent to Espinasse Yaich alias Laurence Yaich to ask her their new address to send to her a Legal Notice as the law required, I never had any answers.

. I demand To be paid for my services as Hairstylist. To pay the BAD CHECK and stop to play at HIDE and SEEK!. Stay away

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