Purchased a vehicle that within 10 minutes AC unit seized/broke and 10 miles harmonic balancer broke off and engine now has bent rod/non operational. on Monday June 06, 2016 I found a 73 matching ‘s Big Block corvette on EBAY, did not reach reserve in auction but I sent FAST440 (Brent) an email and we c to a fair price for a mechanically sound engine/cold working ac unit vehicle. On Tuesday June 07, 2016 I drove the 16 hours and met Brent the next morning (Wed June 08, 2016) and inspected the vehicle. At inspection i noticed oil leaking on the ground and Brent gave me a verbal guarantee that the engine was sound/that I would not have to pull it for any reason, that I would not have any problems. I loaded the vehicle and drove back home the 16 hours straight. On Friday June 10, 2016 around 1pm I started the vehicle up in my garage and ran the AC, after 10 minutes the AC compressor seized up/sprayed freon throughout the engine/garage and stopped working. I turned the AC switch to off and drove the vehicle to the gas station at which time I heard a metal grinding coming from the engine. I did not exceed 70 mph or rev the engine. Upon further inspection back at my home garage Ifound the harmonic balancer had seperated from the engine and broken off. Iwas able to find a new harmonic balancer from AutoZone Friday June 10, 2016 at 4pm. I replace the harmonic balancer and started the vehicle again at around 10am Sat June 11, 2016 at which time I starting hearing a very load thump/tap coming from he engine. One Two of the connecting rods in the engine are bent. I was able to trailer the vehicle to a service garage where a mechanic confirmed that the engine would ne rebuilt and is not operational. I went back home to check the oil and it was like crude/very thick which after calling the mechanic back said was a used car salesmans way of hiding any engine noise/issues for the short term to potential buyers. I know have after 10 minutes/10 miles a 73 big block matching ‘s corvette that has a non working engine/ac unit. I understand anything can happen but I should get more than that from a purchase. I reached out to Brent on 2 ‘s that he gave me on Sunday/Monday/Tuesday June 12, 13 and 14 and Brent called back Monday June 20 around 9am to say he was sorry and he woul look into helping me. I explained to Brent on the phone that I understand “things” could go wrong, that if this was not a cover up and and honest failure that i would be ok with him if he shared the expense of replacing/re working the engine which Ifound a local mechanic that could do it for $3,500 and he would be responsible for half of which is $1,750. Iwrote all this up in an email and sent it off to Brent the evening of Monday June 20, 2016. Brent responded with 3 or insulting emails, saying Idid something wrong, saying that Iwas trying to scam him, saying that Iwas not trustworthy, saying that he would do nothing/pay nothing to help me and for me to leave him alone and go away. I thought that half of the engine cost was fair and did not add in the cost of a new ac compressor $299 or freon to fill the ac compressor $250 or any labor to do the AC unit engine de install/re install only the engine work of $3500 for a total of $4,249 + $3000 in labor for = $7,249. I was looking for $1,750. Brent is a total AZZ CLOWN. When confronted he turned into a little girl….. . Thanks in advance.

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