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Before Christmas on Dec 3rd I called Figis to ask questions before placing an order. I wanted to make sure that they could send the items I order before Christmas. I also wanted to make sure that they could deliver the items to businesses. Because 2 packages needed to go to 2 different businesses I was concerned about the delivery dates because these people where not going to be available after the 20th of Dec. I called everyone I wanted to send something to without them knowing what I was trying to do. Because these people are very special I wanted to do something nice that there whole family could enjoy. After getting the go a head from them that they all would be home or in there office on the 20th. I called to place the order on Dec 6th. I spoke to a rep who seemed to be very nice and knowledgeable in taking these orders. I explained to her how important it was to have these items delivered on the 20th. She told me no problem at all. I ordered 8 boxes of petite fours. I told her that 1 box needed to be sent after the New Year because the recipient would not be back from vacation until then. She advised me again no problem. I told her that 2 of these boxes where to be deliver to my home address for my family. Because they charge $25.00 for shipping plus and extra $2.50 per mailing address I was trying to save a little by having 2 sent to my home and I would give the box to my niece and her husband when they came over Christmas. I then gave her all the other names, addresses and zip codes for all the other deliveries. She advise me that they would be sent via UPS. Then she told me that I was all set. I then made payment in full. The total came to $113.00 total. After a few days I checked my account to see if the funds had been taken. They where not. I called Figis to ask why the money had not been taken and explained that I wanted to be deducted right away. The rep told me that the money would be taken when the order was processed. On the 16th I went out to take care of some things and when I returned there was a Figis box thrown on the front porch. I was so upset that my family saw the box. I called Figis and got a rep on the line I asked her what was going on? I asked her why was this box sent on the 16th instead of the 20th like I ordered? She told me that it takes time to get these items out before Christmas. I told her that this in crazy. I said I don’t want these people to get there gift 9 days before Christmas and that these are perishable items if left out they will spoil. She said they will stay good for 9 days. I said the need to be refrigerated and the box does not even say that. I told her I could care a less these are not supposed to be delivered before the 20th that what they promised me. I told her if I knew this was going to happen I would have use Swiss Colony like the year before that they where great. I asked her about the items that went to the businesses and how did I know if anyone would even be there to get them? I asked her if they had been sent yet? She told me that they where to be sent on the 18th. I asked her but what if there is no one there to get them that these are businesses. I advised her that this is why I made sure I had a good date for everyone before placing the order. She apologized to me for the inconvenience. I told her I don’t care this is so messed up that now if have to call these people and spoil the surprise. I explained to her that this is unacceptable customer service and that has really ruined my Christmas. I asked here what this was going to be like to have to call everyone and ask them if the will be there to get a gift that Figis sent early so it does not spoil. I asked her if she would want to buy a gift and have to call and tell people it was coming early? Then say your sorry, but the company messed up? I asked to speak to a supervisor to try and see if they could straight this mess out. When the supervisor got on the line I told him everything that was promised to me and that the whole order was fouled up. He said he was sorry for this and credited me back $25.00. I said well that is nice but it still does not mean that the people will even get the gifts at the 2 businesses. I told him that I was very upset. I asked him why don’t the reps who take these orders just tell the customers they can’t guaranty when the gifts will arrive. I asked him what was the point of me giving a date to the rep when I needed them to be delivered? He then said he was sorry again. After I got off the call I tried to call to see if the people at the businesses would be there on the 18th. But did not get through. On the 18th I called the businesses and asked if they received them? They both told me no. I called Figis again and spoke to a rep who told me that they where delivered. I told her that I just go off the phone with the people they where supposed to go to and they never got them. She placed me on hold. When she came back she told me that someone signed for them at both locations and gave me the names of the people who signed for the from UPS. I thought I was going to loose my mind because they gave them to people I did not even know. I asked the rep what if they keep them. How are you going to get these gifts back?Now my friends get nothing after I paid for it. I asked her if she was crazy? I said do you mean I paid for gifts that went to total strangers? I then hung up and called the businesses and told my friends that the gift was given by UPS to someone at the front door and gave them the names hoping they could track them down and recover the item. After a few hours I called them back an luckily they did get them back from the security guards that signed for them. Figis was instructed what floors and offices they where to be delivered to. I guess I can’t really blame them this was UPS’ s mistake. Even though the other gifts where sent early the people did get them. I called them all and told them how sorry I was and to make sure they went into the refrigerator until Christmas. When my family opened them they where still okay, But the quality of there petite fours are not as good as Swiss Colony’s. I used them last year and they where great. After this was all over I received a call back from a supervisor a few days ago asking me if everything was okay I told him that the 2 boxes that where supposed to come to my house that I only received one on the 16th and that had no gift for my niece and her husband. I told him that when I called about that another rep told me that I would have to pay again for something I already paid for. I asked her also if she was crazy and told her I already paid for 8 boxes and only got 7. I told him I spoke to supervisor again about that and he gave me another credit fir $17.00. The supervisor said he would pass this information to his Human resource dept in hopes this does not happen again. I won’t order again.

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