Fullerton Community Center

Fullerton Community Center

When a person wakes up in the morning they have the instant opportunity to either be a good person and approach the world in a positive way or be a shitty person and approach the world and people in a negative way. This morning I asked a staff member at the registration desk of Fullerton Community Center, if there was a place I could sit at and work on my lap top? It was suggested I could sit outside in the courtyard. | So I went back to my vehicle and got my stuff and plugged in my phone and laptop, unfortunately my system won’t work unless its plugged in. There are plugs outside all along the walls. There was no one around it was very quite I was minding my own business. No more than ten minutes later a young white female approaches me in a hostile manner, telling me how I need to leave because I can’t be sitting out here and that the chairs are not to be moved. Then she uses the excuse that a group of people will be running through here. | What does that have to do with anything? I don’t see how they would be running back n forth in the court yard, that would be ridiculous. It was just apart of her harassment. She was not speaking to me in a kind voice she was being rude and nasty in her approach. | I replied, that I would only be here for an hour and my cord doesn’t reach that long and the chairs would be placed back. She continued to argue with me about leaving giving me every indication I was not accepted to be there. This is not the first time I have been treated this way at this particular center, which is for the “community”. Now just so everyone knows the majority of people who dominate and work at this “community center” are white. However people are very discriminating here of who is actually allowed to come to the community center and who they really don’t want at the center. Not all people are welcomed, the way you would think, especially when events are going on. At this moment that wasn’t the case. It was quite and very few people where there. I expressed to this person she doesn’t own the center and I wasn’t going to be bullied. I am fed up with the white people here who think its okay to harass me every-time I come here, which isn’t very often. She claimed it wasn’t about color, that is exactly what its about. Why would I assume this person would be honest admitting to it? Her problem is she woke up wanting to be a shitty person with a negative attitude. She did not approach me with a nice attitude and say, “I’m sorry, but we can’t have the chairs moved”,, etc…it wasn’t approached in a polite manner at all, but yet I am supposed to respond in a nice and submissive manner to her? I don’t think so. When you think about, am I hurting anyone? Am I bothering anyone? Its all about controlling people they don’t want at this center. So therefore the word “community” is very much misconstrued, because “unity” is not something that takes place here in the City of Fullerton. | So I told this “little b***h” exactly that, because that is exactly how her attitude and approach was. Now she threatens me with the police, here it comes the threats with the police. Lets cry wolf now because I called her a “b***”? Where does it say in the constitution its against the law? It doesn’t, she is harassing, racist and now bullying and threatening me. The city of Fullerton in Orange County has a reputation of harassment and bullying, especially from Fullerton Police Station, hell they even get away with murdering people. Google Thomas Kelly and read what those police did to that poor man. | This “community center” is not for the community, its only for those people who they think should be at the community center. Discrimination and racism runs deep with fine lines ordinary people like this girl wouldn’t recognize or would ignore. Body language speaks volumes so does tone and attitude. Her outlook was very much that, hostile. So if you choose to go the center, get permission first from the director to see if he or she gives approval before you engage in being harassed and threatened from the staff. Fullerton needs to know your an upstanding white person (or apart of their “Antioch church”) that is allowed at this “community center”. Just bare in mind this center that is supposed to be for the community doesn’t mean all people of the community are welcomed!!!!

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