FXOpen Complaint

Dear FXOpen, As a reputed broker, PAMM is one of your products. Since it is your product you have to ensure the safety of your traders. It is you who allow Masters to trade Followers” money. End of the day if the Master does not trade well it is bad for the image of your company. I have totally broken trust in you. Therefore as a reputed (this is how you call yourselves) responsible broker it is your duty to manipulate things. I have lost all my savings because of this. I invested EUR 5900 and now I have only EUR 8/- in my account. FXOpen cannot simply get away saying “Trading on the Forex market involves substantial risks”. You have to minimize risk and continuously monitor Masters” performance. Because it is you who allow master to trade in your company. Please do not conceal your fault by merely saying Trading FX is Risky. If you continuously monitor my Master has failed to give me profit from January 2016 onwards. If you closely monitor End of Trading intervals on 12th January, 9th February, 8th March, 5th April, and 3rd May. This shows that FXOpen has not monitored the progress of the Master. As a responsible broker if the Master is not performing what action Could you take in order to rectify the situation? Please observe your company”s phrases/sentences below that attract traders and investors 1. the most successful and fastest-growing Forex brokers 2. Since the very start FXOpen has been true and loyal to its goal – making Forex trading more professional 3. easy-to-access and secure 4. we know all the ins and outs of Forex trading 5. We know what it takes to achieve success in Forex and the pitfalls that may impede traders on their way there 6. FXOpen also offers its own PAMM technology allowing our clients to benefit from the strategies of experienced traders with a proven track record of successful trading and guarantees automatic distribution of profit and loss between the strategy provider and the strategy followers. There are many more attractive phrases, slogans and sentences in your website. But end of the day I”m totally unhappy about your product. Just think about you in my shoes and kindly answer following questions 1. How would you define success when there are under-performing masters with you? 2. Are you loyal to me? and is this your professional way of treating me? I lost Eur 5900 3. What do you mean by secure? I agree with easy to access. Because it is very easy to deposit money. Is this the way you secure our money? 4. If you know the ins and outs didn”t you see there is a big loophole in PAMM account masters? 5. Is this the way you drive your investors towards success? 6. What is the benefit have you given me in my PAMM account? How do you guarantee automatic distribution of profit and loss? Loss of course yes. Buy profit I have never received I do understand your professionalism now. Please closely monitor in following trading intervals FXOpen has given me any commission as calculated in your system. May 3, 2016 – Eur 46 May 31, 2016 – Eur 1978 Jul 26, 2016 – Eur 559.05 Oct 18, 2016 – Eur 43.06 Further I have attached how a responsible brokarage has begun loosing trades and how they are closed incurring great losses. (Above reply is a Joke to me) Warm Regards,

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