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After receiving a series of extremely unprofessional responses from the guarsons team, over the last 22 months, here I write an open letter to the senior management of gaurson, hoping that some sensible person will read it and make amends, for people who invest their hard earned money, life savings into their projects. Dear sir, I am writing you this email in extreme pain and disdain. Here is the background: I booked a unit number in hanna tower, gaur saundaryam project. I booked it on special recommendation of a friend who bought another unit in the same tower and suggested that the project by gaur are not delayed and the builder is fair. On paying the booking amount, around march”15, I was told that the subvention scheme was over but I was assured that the builder will get the necessary documentation done with indiabulls and have the loan disbursed; this technicality went on for three months and the paperwork was never completed. I had to personally make, sincerely 100+ calls at indiabulls as well as gaur to get the contract between gaur and indiabulls done to have the loan disbursed. Through this extremely gruelling experience. I was constantly assured by mr rajender gaur from your team that no interest shall be charged for those three months as the mistake was at the builder”s side for being late in extending the subvention contract with indiabulls. I wrote 20+ emails to him, asking for this to be given to me in written but I never received a response. Over phone, he kept giving me verbal assurances and kept talling “email nahi mila, fir se bhej dijiye”. But he never replied to my emails. I have all records and I will be happy to produce it. Next, the project got delayed. Possession was due in may”16 and the emi started; as I patiently waited, I met the shock of my life when I saw that an interest of 2 lacs has been demanded for those three months of delay caused due to the delay caused by gaursons in extending the subvention contract with indiabulls. On calling mr rajender gaur, this time his tone was different; he started dilly-dallying, saying that I first make all the remaining 15% payment (Due on possession) so that he can negotiate my case. I did so and paid every single penny. However, I never heard back from him. I have given him 10+ phone calls, written ~5 emails but have not got any response. Recently I received another demand letter suggesting that the interest amount has increased to 3 lacs now. So the status today is: 1. I have paid 100% of the amount; ~1.05 cr. 2. I have been paying emi for the last 8 months: ~6 lacs. 3. I continue to live in a rented accommodation and have been paying rent. 4. I am being asked to pay 3 lacs because gaursons took three months to get the subvention contract extended with indiabulls. Of these, point#4 is something that is truly a harassment and it is my right that the entire interest be immediately removed. For once, I hope for a responsible response. Faithfully, Mayank

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