Gulf First Cargo Logistics

Gulf First Cargo Logistics

Unfortunately we have to report a list of scammers. Not just the average gold scam but a very well organised cartel operating in various African countries. In this article we I will try to explain how they operate and tell you the people as well as the companies they use to scam potential buyers interested in Gold Dore Bars, Gold Nuggets, Copper Cathode and even diamonds and gemstones in Nairobi, Tanzania or Uganda. | How do they operate… They will invite you in their office in the (exclusive) Lavington Area in Nairobi Kenya. Lavington is an Upper Class Area for people with money and their office looks professional to, to be honest. They dress well, they drive nice cars (Range Rovers, Mercedes E-Class, etc) | They have a small location behind the office to smelt Gold and it all looks good, but… It is their plan to make you feel comfortable in order to scam you! They will offer you collateral which is worthless because at the end of the day, the Gold doesn’t have any documents which means you can even end up in jail with that gold in your possession but they will not tell you that there are no documents, they will pretend everything is ok.. They will offer you to store the Gold in the bank but that also doesn’t make any sense because they will always make sure that one of their own (most of the time the so called customs official) will need to sign documents together with the buyer which means gold will not leave the bank if the so called customs official doesn’t sign in order for you to get the collateral released in case of a dispute. | The documents you will get from them are are fake. Business cards, Insurance documents, Certificate of Origin, etc, etc, it will all be fake. This is the moments their delaying tactics will start. Don’t ask me what they will not use in order to delay things: Hospital visits, delays with documents in Congo or Tanzania, UN Certificates, Children or parents in hospital, car accidents, you name it ! | You will get something they will call the Airaybill but it is a joke. Airwaybills (AWB)are from Airlines like Delta, Lufthansa, British Airways or Kenya Airways. AWB’s never come from Cargo companies but that is what they try to make you believe so when we received the AWB from the cargo companies we knew something was wrong. And yes… The IP address from the AWB cargo company hosting was the same as the one from the Exporter used (so both Sky Blue Cargo and Gulf First Cargo Logistics were probably co-hosted on the same server and used the same IP-address). When we digged a little deeper we found out that the phonenumber on the packing list as well as the phonenumber on the AWB was on the internet linked to 419 advanced fee fraud so we knew we were in trouble already. But we found out too late and want to make sure you will stay away from these con artists. | At the end of the day you will never get your gold and you can say goodye to your money. Kenya for instance is still a 3rd world country and salaries are low so this cartel got some high ranked Police officials on their payrole which means they are sort of untouchable because they just bribe their way out of jail. | Roland Mundeke Kasongo is a citizen from Congo but operating from Nairobi, Kenya most of the time | Louis Neba is operating in Nairobi Kenya | Paul Kobia from Kenya is operating from Nairobi, Kenya most of the time | Katerina (Kate) Mundeke is operating from Congo as well as Nairobi, Kenya | This cartel is using different companies and when they find out they are exposed they use other people to do the dirty street work so be extremely careful.

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