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I have an ethical and moral duty to exercise the rights of Qualified Privilege with regard to this law firm in order to tell the truth, in self-defence and to warn others about harm or danger. The truth is that Harcus Sinclair do not play by the ethical rules that govern their profession and use unfair means against litigants including threats of jail or loss, failing to honour proper pre-action protocol procedures, telliing lies of omissions in Court, general abuse, undermining peoples rights to a fair trail, signing off statements as true knowing they are false and supporting potential miscarriages of justice – not to mention threatening people with jail at Christmas. Harcus Sinclair also specialize in dishonesty and deception. | Some of their associates tell lies to the High Court, its Judges and its Masters. So the aforementioned is the ‘harm or danger’ – namely that one may be jailed or suffer severe loss – or even be imprisoned wrongly if they do not yield to the demands made by certain associates of Harcus Sinclair. They also have friends in ‘Chambers’ who lie, fabricate cases based on intimidation and fear, violate their own ethical codes of practice – or tell blatent lies to mislead judges and the legal system as a whole. | There is a difference between zealous advocacy and plain abusive immoral and unethical behaviour. The latter is of impure intent, and any lawfirm threatening a Spiritual Master to admit to things he did not do under threat of jail or loss – or being labelled in public as a man of bad integrity – or to try and force them into telling black lies to support immoral and even criminal behaviour – is certainly asking to be ethically purified and investigated by the regulatory bodies that oversee their work. Those investigations will begin shortly and any findings made public in the interests of the moral evolution of the legal justice system and those who serve it. As I have the right to defend myself, to warn others about a harm or danger and to tell the truth – I am in essence immune from suit as long as I am ethically responsible in what I disclose and in that instance, Harcus Sinclair would thus be fully responsible for any losses. | Caution is advised with this lawfirm as they appear to be dishonest and ethically impure. They also use barristers implicated in debasement, dishonesty and other scandals who make threats to try and force defendants into making perjerous statements in order to advance the agendas of dishonesty and moral turpitude. They take on cases from clients who are involved in shady, unethical, cheaty and dishonest behaviour – and thus cause their own problems by taking on ‘dirty work’ so to speak. Their client has been defeated and billed GBP 1million in damages to the work of a Spiritual Master. | Harcus Sinclair have also been billed GBP 50,000 for lessons in truth and integrity in business and legal dealings and have defaulted on the payment – and thus it can be said that Harcus Sinclair do not pay their bills on time. If you look to Harcus Sinclair to resolve a legal matter, you may end up paying them lots of money and end up with a worse situation, for their ‘incisive style’ approach may backfire. There are more honest legal firms in London with better ethical standards.. I confirm the above is the truth and made under the privileges of Absolute/Qualified Privileges that make me immune to suit in this matter.

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  1. Violeta Goodwater
    June 16, 2020
  2. Jorge Kirchmeier
    June 16, 2020
  3. Gaye Mcqueary
    June 16, 2020
  4. Laverna Pachero
    June 16, 2020

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