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HOUSE BUYER’S DIRECT (HBD) and Mr.Cory Glen Harrington are the quintessential low-rent real estate flippers/investors preying on the most susceptible population with the most unscrupulous and furtive tactics. Located in San Antonio, TX, House Buyer’s Direct is owned and represented by Cory Glen Harrington, SVP Acquisitions & Development (listed title), and his wife & acting agent, Mrs. Angel Harrington. Mr. Cory Glen Harrington and House Buyer’s Direct motivated NOT by a genuine desire to maintain ethical real estate practices, but rather driven by pure unadulterated GREED. They’re opportunists of the worst kind – bottom of the barrel. If you are suffering misfortune, they will sniff you out only to rape you financially. Be cautious of their thinly veiled schemes from construction offers, renting property (slum lords) with an option to buy, assuming your loan to purchasing your home. HBD is a sleazy outfit of bottom feeders. Their goal is to capitalize at ANY COST, particularly at the expense of vulnerable home owners experiencing temporary hardship, or otherwise. HBD’s mission statement is entirely misleading and false advertisement. They claim to employ ethical and conscientious real estate practices while considering the best interest of both parties involved. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Mr. Harrington and HBD have no compunction or moral compass. | Please DO NOT be fooled by or fall prey to House Buyer’s Direct. Mr. Cory Harrington and acting agent Mrs. Angel Harrington are both complicit in their exploitation of the most vulnerable in our society. Unfortunately, I and my family had the misfortune of becoming acquainted with this entity through a precarious, dubious and an extremely short-lived real estate transaction to which my 68-yr-old mother was party. Mr. Harrington egregiously and successfully persevered to abscond with a large sum of money following a one time meeting during which he coerced my mother into signing a weak purchase agreement for her home of 25+ years. At no point throughout our entire interaction with Mr. Harrington did he have any TIME OR MONEY INVESTED… no effort was expended… absolutely NOTHING, but a 2-hour meeting and an unexecuted, unrecorded, and erroneous agreement. No earnest money was ever accepted/deposited, he never acquired a lender, the contract was never recorded by the title company. Mr. Harrington & HBD incurred no actual damages or losses, neither financially nor personally. Following the recent death of her husband/my father, she faced the threat of foreclosure resulting from a lien due to a debt – totally unrelated to her – incurred by my late father. Feeling despondent, desperate, and uncertain of the outcome of the disputed foreclosure on her home which she owns outright, as it has been paid for for several years. She responded to Mr. Harrington’s numerous inquiries regarding our home in order to obtain an evaluation of the property, not to solicit an offer. However, he did just that and made her a disheartening offer (typical of these predators). | Dejected, she reluctantly accepted his offer of 55% below fair market value due to the unprecedented stress of the pending foreclosure status. Within, literally, 15 minutes of acceptance, my mother IMMEDIATELY realized the mistake she made by prematurely committing to sell to Mr. Harrington without consulting her attorney. She instantly notified him and the title company of her wish to rescind her signature due to the precarious pending foreclosure status. No more than 15 minutes of signing and Mr. Harrington’s departure from her home, she contacted both the title company and Mr. Harrington advising them of her request for rescission. The title company obliged and did not accept his earnest money ($100 for a property valued at $425,000.00) cheese ball). She respectfully requested that he grant her a release of obligation. He adamantly refused! He then proceeded to surreptitiously cloud the title with language stipulating his declared right to the property and any future conveyance for 5 years. The foreclosure was subsequently quashed, and my mother was able to remain in her home. | With repeated pleas to release her of obligation, Mr. Harrington obstinately refused to remove the cloud. Such action came perilously close to jeopardizing any leverage she had in absolving the foreclosure. Mr. Harrington was fully aware of the repercussions of his actions were they to interfere with her foreclosure dispute, leaving her homeless. Mr. Harrington’s trolling of the title and refusal to cooperate left my mother with 2 options: sell her home to him against her will or acquiesce to HBD’s demand of compensation. Unconscionable considering the circumstances. My family has suffered financially and emotionally from this sad encounter. I feel compelled to expose the activity and malicious intent of House Buyer’s Direct in order to protect and prevent home owners and/or buyers from potentially making a detrimental decision with life-altering consequences. Finally, with the utmost sincerity and transparency, I speak with intimate knowledge and from first hand experience. In no way is there any semblance of exaggeration infused in my account of the disturbing, predatory behavior and damaging encounter to which I, and my family were victims.

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