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I am here to report a “Public Relations” company by the name of “I AM PR Agency” (www.IamPrAgency.com) as fraud and Con-Artist and thief’s. In January of 2015 my management ( I am a recording artist) contacted “I AM PR Agengy” to take on the new task of promoting my latest music video and song. They had a very professional looking website with amazing “tesmonials” which i now know are fake. | Olivia Dikambi, the owner of the “I AM PR AGENCY” promised many things to my management for me. Two publications a month, radio shows here, Magazine things there. Ect. The first week was very professional, having my management send videos songs, bios though a host on Wrike.com . It all seemed very legit and professional. Lucky for me, I am very hands-on kind of person, and I always like to be working directly with my PR. (Its not my first PR and currently work with several.) | The first month goes by and everything Olivia Dikambi promised had not come to life but a lousy little publication she posted on her website (that nobody sees) My management told her after the first month if they didn’t prove themselves with at least 2 publications ( a trial run) we would not be moving onto a second month. The second month Oliva Dikambi proceed to take another months worth of our money ( This was not approved by us) She then said ” We will prove ourselves this month, the first month is to get to know the artist”. Second month came by and on the last day of that month she found some internet radio station and said “Look I got you this ” How convenient, the last day of the month. Thank you for the placement on a station no one heard of just to get out another month. | At this point I decided to make my research, I have other PR agency’s working for me and and pulled a few things in no time, with Olivia not one single publication or attention. What she really is charging you for? well, after much deliverance what she does, she takes your money and I quote her website ” Promote via our 10,000 subcribers newsletter, our Facebook, Twitter, and highly trafficked blog site!” I came to find that non of her media outlets have absolutely NO following, NO Traction, NO nothing. She charges you money to share your pic and latest project on her Website, Facebook, Twitter and then shows you a report of how its doing. Certain they were fake reports as I saw no traction on my medias. | I also found she has hundred of recording artist, singer, fashion designers she was promoting. How is this possible that this one lady and her “Partner in crime” (her husband) as she states on her business Instagram can take on all these artist? There is no way. I followed her directly on all her medias, she traveling all over , Cannes festival, this and that. on what budget? I question myself…on all the artist she taking upon herseld money? I wrote to her in a very polite and serious manner. ” This is wrong what you are doing, how is possible that I cannot contact my “PR agency after a month? I also said that I would be reporting her as I would HATE for this to happen to other singers, musicians and artist who trust in her work and to please get back to me if I was incorrect” She didn’t reply to me or my management. We called her office numerous times” She was never in” I’m pretty sure she was , but she knows how to play her game pretty well at this point I am sure. | In the end Olivia Dikambi and her “PR AGENCY” www.IAMPRAgency.com I have come to find are a complete fraud. I did this report not because I am angry, because I’m not. I’m doing this to warn others of this woman and her “services”. She basically kept on taking my managements money unapproved (which I now reported). She still has not personally replied to me and still took another month. Don’t let her live off your dime. Unfortunately many more will fall for Olivia’s “I AM PR AGENCY”. Please report if you too have been of a victim of this “Agency” to bring it to the attention of others.

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