Interiors by La'Mar, LLC.

Interiors by La'Mar, LLC.

This place is not an honest company, the way they conduct business is highly unfavorable. We found them on CRAIGSLIST and began communicating with them months ago. We were sent a list of properties from Chris Knotts that they were supposedly already in business with. My partner and I went to look at two that ultimately through and both had shaky excuses behind why we couldn’t go with the apartment we wanted, two of which were chosen personally by this company. Seemed weird but we didn’t blow them off right away because lets be honest, you don’t reach out to this type of company for no reason; so we were trying to be patient. Communication is few far and between, Chris rudely claims he is busy with other things, I’ve been on both sides, no matter how large or tiny your business is, communication goes a very long way, whether you have one client or 200. We finally found an apartment that we all agreed on to move forward with and that interiors by Lamar claimed to already be approved for. We go and see the property and quickly email him telling him that we love it and that we would like to move forward. Chris wastes no time sending us an invoice and two occupant forms with little to no instructions as I stated to him and was rudely and unprofessionally responded to, nowhere to send the invoice which I also had to inquire about. I just felt we had to ask entirely too many questions throughout this entire process. | After I got a bit more explanation of the process, on 10/5/18, I proceed to pay the $475 invoice to just move things along on. Chris and I exchanged about 2 or 3 more emails after money was paid, and then literally since that date, we had tried contacting him and have not gotten any form of communication in return. All of the emails we attempted to send bounced right back stating that the email no longer existed, that of which I have plain as day proof of. We tried calling well during business hours and even left voicemail and got no response the entire day, Chris even changed his voicemail greeting during that time because when we called back a bit later, it was a completely different greeting which means he was well aware of the voicemail we left, mind you, this was on a Monday in which they are definitely open. Even still, my partner and I, up until today, have given them the benefit of the doubt that there was a possibility their was a servers crashed or some type of technical issue, BUT, the least we could have gotten was a phone call to not be alarmed but that there was something going on on their end. As we speak, we have not heard from anyone from Interiors by Lamar, not a word not an email. Even when we called and did not use Chris’ personal extension just so we could get anyone to answer the phone, no one picked up. Here it is, Tuesday, $475 of our money is nowhere to be found and no service has been done. Even after all of this, it puzzles me that this company is still in business or even in business at all. Just based off previous reviews and how the individuals at that company respond to the public alone should be all you need to know about this place. | Update: He ended up contacting us after my partner had to leave a voicemail threatening to take legal action if we did not hear from someone, what a coincidence. Chris then stated their servers crashed, whatever, lets keep the ball rolling. | Fast forward to present day, things continued to not make sense and we are no longer doing business with Interiors by Lamar. The paper work wasn’t right, the numbers were wrong and way beyond what we were supposed to pay. He went against our wishes as to what we expressed to him what we wanted to pay in rent and he locked us into something hundreds of dollars more, we went online ourselves and there were STILL several available units just within our price range, so on top of everything else, we believe that was just to make more money for the company. We were going to move in ONE day early so I asked Chris politely twice within the last two days to send us an updated welcome letter with proper costs so that we could have all we needed come move in this Sunday. He proceeds to tell me the woman he had been in contact with at the property has not been in the office so other contacts at the office were a little slower to respond than she was. He tells us he is still waiting on the updated paperwork to be sent to him all the while his business hours are winding down AS WELL as the complex. He then in the same breath basically says, in the meantime, Im going to send you over an invoice for our services which is due now and needs to be paid by end of day Friday because we are closed on the weekend. Whatt??? We were supposed to be moving Sunday but still did not have all we needed. No paperwork, no keys, they get jumpy if you even mention contacting the property yourself. | All in all, my partner and I are over it at at this point so we send another email disconnecting our business with them. He then responds hours later (mind you this is the latest he’s ever even been in contact with us this entire time, claiming to be so busy but we get a long ignorant email at nearly 10 at night) He’s constantly gone back on what he clear as day told us through email, even has gone as far as to blatantly say he never said something. And in the email said, we used to give our “clients” time to pay the invoice but nobody ever paid (which in their defense is a very ignorant thing to do, who would mess up something like that when the business is the name on the lease) anyhow, nobody ever paid us so we don’t do it any more. We were not told that information early on which would have prompted us to prepare better financially, instead we were hit with all these fees at once, his alone had to be paid before the lease was even signed, so we are talking well over 3K. Let me remind you, we still had not received updated paperwork of the move in costs. | So guess what, we contacted the property ourselves. A woman there said she knew who Chris was but only because he called earlier on in the day asking if we could move Sunday. But the woman confirmed the unit wouldn’t be available until Monday all the while he is telling us we move in Sunday and that his fee was due before the lease was signed, even went as far as to say “they are scurrying to get it ready Sunday”. and that a full months deposit was required, not a half months deposit as we were told by the oh so wonderful Christopher. AND this woman informed us the lease wasn’t even drawn up yet. So we were about to put all of this money out BY END OF DAY FRIDAY after being told by Chris we could move Sunday and the COMPLEX said the unit wast even ready until Monday still and NO LEASE HAD EVEN BEEN DRAWN UP YET. We were about to put all of this money out to Chris, not hear from him for two days because he says they are closed on the weekend and prepare to look like dummies walking into that complex Sunday. In the email he sent last night, the end of it he repeatedly said don’t contact the complex, but we already had for our own protection and peace of mind. No client will interfere with the process if you are honest, transparent and thorough. A lot of questions being asked means YOU are not providing enough information, clear information equals a second guessing client. | They attack any one that gets on these reviews and tells the truth and honest detail about their personal experience with this company. Its funny that my partner and I were reading through others reviews and we STILL gave them a chance and the benefit of the doubt and here we are going through the same thing others said. I’ve never seen a place of business respond so unprofessionally to the public. I did not come on here to bash, I came to give my experience. Who needs to bash and risk themselves being barred from taking legal action if they wanted by bashing when you can look through their reviews and do research on them yourselves. I was in such a frustrated mode when I was writing this out and did not add any corresponding dates, but when you go through what we went through with this company, all the nonsense is recurring, day to day. Who would lie with this much detail and specific incidents that others seemed to have had as well. After all of that, who would even want to be dependent on them lease after lease when this place could go under any minute. The reviews aren’t going to ruin the livelihood of this business, Interiors by Lamar will do that all on it’s own. |

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