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The weibIts was the year 2005 , I got this idea to simplified the ATM machine , so it can be displace in the church and the member of the church and give thier tithes and offering faster and simple. I share this idea with Patent & Trademark institute of America, but I also share it with four business men at my church. I give one of them permission to see if he could bring the idea forward and I would get a precent of it . But low and behold one summer day , I was at the church and there was a new reporter , and there it was ATM machine simple just as I discipe my idea , I could believe my eyes. I ask the business man , who did this and he stated not me , I thought you did it , Well a brother name George told me that he had a ATM machine and he would sale it and give me half of what he would get pay. I thought to myself so this it the guy who stole my idea. My idea was WM Electronic Offering Box and I wanted to name it after an ex pastor Dr. Martine Bender . He didn’t collect offering durning his service. Because there was a offering box in the back of the church that they could give they wanted to. There was no pressure in giving. But my friend told me to name it after me, so I did. Now I have no idea who stole this from me and I do not know what if this company stole my idea or give it to another company to pattern it , I would like to know the source and the people or person who rob me. God give me this idea and I know that someone at my church stole it from me. I wrote to the pastor that stated to me in a email that he didn’t creat the idea but only the name. Now this SecureGive is in many churches and here I am single mother struggling each day just to pay my bills. This is not fair. I wish someone who investiage and find out where and how this my idea got stole and where it was pattern if not at Patents & trademark institute of America. I have many other idea but it hard to say it or show it because of what I lost. website of this SECUREGIVE .com I can’t upload onto my computer it doesn’t allow me too. , so you need to just look at it and see that it my idea and how it got to this pastor hands , I have no idea. when I wrote to him , he never mention who give him this idea . So it tell me that he never was the creator of an electronic box being in the church. I would like to find the person who share my idea with him , I would confront him and do my best to suit him. Sincerely some help me.

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