Irelocation System, LLC.

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Full report filed with FBI, US Dept of Trans Fed Motor Carrier Safety Admin, complaint 100095738 and Broward Co Sheriff’s Dept Case 17306463 My name is Joe Krongold, I can be reached at or at [email& 160;protected] I am looking for anyone that has filed and successfully won a case against Atlant Van Lines, iRelocation or SunCity Movers. I am looking for the name of an attorney to shut these companies down and make them pay for the damages they have caused to so many innocent people. These companies have stolen from us, robbed us of our sense of security and made our family’s move intolerable. I am looking to contact anyone who has had the misfortune of using these movers, and who would like to join in a class action law suit to make them pay for the damage that they have caused to so many people, property and lives. We had nothing but problems including but not limited to the following: damaged, moldy, water logged furniture. Forty five days have passed, and our household items are still missing, this is defined as legally stolen, our household items are being held hostage for more money, extortion, padded bills that increased by thousands of dollars for services that were not discussed prior to the move, loss of household goods that amount to tens of thousands of dollars of loss, unknown items delivered to us from another person’s load, damage due to negligent, illegally forged documents, lying, unscrupulous, and unprofessional, agents of the above companies. We have contacted local and federal agents, including multiple police departments, DOT, multiple insurance companies, BBB, FBI, Federal Motor Carrier and others. Jose Perez, Nicole White, Arthur, Alexandr and Marina Bondarev, Svetlana and Alexir Lushchik belong in jail due to their negligence! I am looking for an attorney that will put these people in jail for their corruption! If you know that attorney’s name, please contact me. If you would like to join in a law suit and have proof of their negligence as well, call me, email me and let’s get down to business. Consumer’s Desired Resolution: Prosecution to the fullest extent of the law so they can’t hurt other families! Jose Perez, Nicole White, Arthur, Alexandr and Marina Bondarev, Svetlana and Alexir Lushchik belong in jail due to their negligence! BBB Processing

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