Jesse Hallen

Jesse Hallen

This adult individual Jesse Hallen ripped off my time and emotional well being he doesn’t seem to know what units such as per hour mean. In my opinion he is also not a very nice person. I showed him all courtesey and he repaid me by using me to get a better price with a comptettitor. | He signed terms and conditions and did not adhere to them. He states he didn’t understand 50% Student discount of $190/hr is not $95 but when you cary the units its $95/hr. Then he badmouthed me for a quote and said it was too much and the other people were cheaper. He claimed it was going to be $95 total. Everyone I know that can add understands that $95 and $95/hr are not the same thing. | This guy ripped me off. I hope he does not Rip you Off. I Tried talking to him on the phone to try to explain what math units such as per hour mean instead he was rude and insulted me by calling me a Clown. I have been doing my job for a long time and to be insulted in this way is a Total Total Rip-Off. | He told me he had the job done someware else but refused to tell me who it was. Again a total Rip-Off. We waived the rush fees since he was a student. This cost me extra time and money. I just hope this guy won’t rip you off.

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