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Purchased a new bed/box spring and took delivery a week later. One of the guys making the delivery had been sprayed by a cat the night before and he REEKED – it was all over his shoes which apparently he neglected to either wash or change and which he tracked into my house, upstairs and into my bedroom. I have two INDOOR cats of my own and they were going ballistic over the smell for about two days which is how long it took for the smell to dissolve. The box spring that came with my bed, which I purchased for $2000 was too high but I had been told that I had x # of days to make a change. I called on Monday and was told that should I decide to swap out the box spring my option to swap out the bed would be void because you cannot swap both unless at the same time. I was advised to hold onto the box spring for a few more weeks to make sure I really liked the bed because again, if I made a swap of the box spring I was stuck with the mattress. I had no intention of keeping the box spring any longer than necessary because as it was I needed to use a foot stool to get into bed and I have back issues. The sleep technician was adamant that he had advised me to measure my box spring when I got home and call it in to determine if the 9″ one that was scheduled to be delivered was the right height. I never called so they assumed apparently that I was ok to receive the 9″ box spring. I never called because he made no such statement and when I said so, he tells me “he”s been doing this a long time and I must have heard wrong. ” Whatever. I call today, arrange for the new box spring to be delivered and guess what? There”s another delivery charge. Talk about nickel and diming . Let”s hope I end up liking the mattress because I”m straight out of luck otherwise having already swapped out my box spring. My dad was in the furniture business for 50+ years and I am sure he is rolling over in his grave because I chose to do business with a company he never liked or trusted. Lesson learned Dad.

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