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King Soopers Complaint

A King Soopers Non Management Employee like other Retail Employees have something in common with Fast Food Workers, We are looked down upon by Management and the rest of society. I have read from numerous sources that King Soopers Employees are whiners who have no education, If I had absolutely no education I would not be able to type out this complaint in the first place. I could write a novel about what it is like to work at King Soopers but there is not enough space on this blog to do so. I will briefly describe the horrors of working for this Company and the Union who is not doing very well at correcting the behaviors I am about to describe, in other words, The Union is equally guilty of these hideous acts by because they continue to allow this. Hostile Managers and Customers are the number one issue which takes place at any King Soopers location, Managers scream at us in front of Co Workers and Customers on a regular basis, Customers also scream at us and they ridicule us while we are working to serve them we are required to tolerate these behaviors we are told that if a customer shouts profanity at us that we musn”t take it personal and that if the customer is acting this way it must be out fault or it is because the customer is having a bad day. Does this mean we should be allowed to act in a hostile manner at another public establishment just because we are having a bad day? What would happen if I went to the DMV, screamed and cursed at a DMV employee because the line is too long, or if I screamed at the Judge because I got a speeding ticket from a Police Officer? Would the DMV or the Judge give me a $25 gift card and ask me to come back again? Favoritism is another problem which is widespread throughout all King Soopers locations. Some examples of favoritism I have observed at King Soopers are, Jane is never expected to work during a holiday or a weekend because she if pretty and/or she is dating a Member of Management or is dating a relative of Management. Tom is allowed to stand around while others are working hard because he is related to someone in Management. ELMS(short for Electronic Labor Management System and Key Retailing are abusive tools created by King Soopers Management while they claim these are tools to “help” us we are often being disciplined because we did not stock the shelves fast enough on the Night Crew or because we were not checking fast enough which resulted in our ELMS rating to be 90% “efficient” when they wanted out rating to be 95%. It really makes our job that much harder when someone insists upon creating a delay at the check stand. Short Tempered Customers are also a major problem when working at King Soopers and it is certain that Management will reward them with a $25.00 Gift card. Vengeful Management is also a serious problem at King Soopers especially if you complain to the Union about their abusive behavior and the Union decides not to take much action the insult to injury in this case is that the Union is supposed to be acting on our behalf but the Union Stewards and Business Agents are constantly defending Management, their excuse for turning their backs on us is that Head Clerks, Service Managers, Grocery Managers and other Department Heads are also In the Union. Who is the Union really protecting?

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