Kingfisher`s Alaskan Malamutes

Kingfisher`s Alaskan Malamutes Review

Stay away! Unless you want to be lied to and receive a genetically screwed up dog! We bought our girl from them, at first we were told that the “Hughes” do not own kingfisher malamutes I talked to randy and Kristi Hughes. All was good we had a contract took home our malamute girl. I was worried about her hips so we agreed to pay them half upfront and half when her hips come back good. They came back good and I paid them the rest of the money. Well before she was even 2 years old we did her OfA eyes and she had cataracts ( genetic) I reached out to Kristi and Randy and immediately ignored. I wasn’t mad at that point just letting them know what happen because per our contract it said a replacement dog will be given if a genetic issue occurs that is considered a “vital function” well eyes are genetic and I would definitely consider them vital! Long story short they ignored me, I was in touch with a friend of theirs and they had told me they own royal flush springer spaniels and candy yorkies so I reached it to that page on Facebook because Kristi and Randy ignored my fb message, text and emails, I was ignored again, looking at the about info in the royal flush spaniels page it lists randy and Kristi Hughes as a creator and owner of the page, so I did more digging and found out Kristi and Randy Hughes also own candy yorkie, I contacted them on that page they denied it said they don’t know a Randy or Kristi and basically told me to leave them alone, I looked again on the about info of the candy yorkie page listed Kristi Hughes as the owner and creator of candy yorkies.. then I was mad, pissed off that they are trying to deny these things and lie to my face when I had all the proof. Kingfisher malamutes is a puppy mill! They have a new Facebook page up they own malamute and Aussies as well as spaniels AND yorkies. I found out this week that Kristi and randy Hughes do in fact own kingfisher malamutes with their son Elijah, even though they told me they don’t own kingfisher and they just bought their dogs from kingfisher. So they own malamutes, yorkies, spaniels and Aussies.. They are liars and Kristi will use any excuse and say she can’t refund because her sons autistic or something. Buyer beware!! I feel it is my right to express my own personal opinion about them as well as my findings and this is what I found Had they been responsible and actually got back to me about the issue all would be fine but they continue to lie and not stand by their contract.

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  1. Mitch Ranos
    June 17, 2020

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