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BEWARE! Charles C Kretek of Deming NM is an unscrupulous, unethical, beyond dishonest lawyer. A lawyer is an “officer of the court”, and for the priveledge to make a great income, they take an oath to pursue the truth, the law, fairness and justice. Well so much for that silly meaningless oath-thingy with fraudster Charles Kretek! In my current personal experience opposing him on a case where he’s representing a known pedophile and elder-abuser/exploiter to loot the estate and assets of my elderly mom with Alzheimer’s, keep her against her will in disgusting assisted living in NM, trying to legally shove me aside and discredited me, her only child who mom has EXPLICITY stated to numerous professionals/police and through them to the Court itself, that she wants to be with me, her son, who also holds her only valid POA. Can IT GET ANY MORE HENIOUS THAN THAT? Me thinks not! But don’t take my word for Kretek’s sickening lack of integrity, ethics and a heart, go to the official NM courts website,, type in his name, (Kretek, Charles) and check out the disaster called his “personal life” for yourself: cited for speeding, ARRESTED, JAILED, PROBATION for AGGRAVATED DRUNK DRIVING AND REFUSING TO SUBMIT TO LEGALLY MANDATED ALCOHOL TEST, IMMEDIATE REVOCATION OF HIS LICENSE, then he abandoned and divorced his wife, then he stop making his mortgage payment, yes he stiffed his home lender, TWICE, can you say US TAXPAYER GUARANTEE AND BAILOUT OF HIS DEFAUALTED LOAN?, yes you and I and US taxpayers will end up paying for his default, and his lender has sued him TWICE and they are in court now and his HOUSE IS CURRENTLY IN FORECLOSURE, well so much for personal responsibility and financial integrity. How could any new client in their right mind possibly trust handing him a $5-$10K retainer upfront with his clear record of financial mismanagement? He’ll be in Chapter 11 in a week and your money will be gone!!! Is it any wonder he resorted to partnering and representing the lowest possible human life-form, a PEDOPHILE and elder-abuser, (yes I witnessed the criminal act personally so its not “alleged”) client to loot the low hanging liquid assest of my vulnerable elderly mom with Alzheimers? Oh and Charles Kretek is currently being sued by another party he screwed over too. What a sickening disaster. Literally, I cannot tell you how many nights I nearly vommited due to tmy upset and sadness, thinking about my poor mom sitting in a place she didnt want to be wondering where I was and why her numerous explicit wishes to be released to me, (an educate professional, with no criminal record and a house I own free and clear) were not being honored. I suspect most only sons and daughters do feel this way about their moms. Sadly this disaster of an “attorney” has been a cancer and has destroyed my mom and me and my elderly, ill father, while we do our best to try to shine the light on this unethical, no CRIMINAL monster and the equally criminal Judge Viramontes who is aiding and abetting Kretek’s criminality. Why would a Judge stoop to this level: 1)JUDGE IS ELECTED NEEDS CASH TO GET REELECTED, 2)EXTREME POVERTY IN DEMING NM, NOT MANY WEALTHY BUSINESS OWNERS TO PLAY GOLF AND SCHMOOZE WITH FOR MONEY; 3) SO THEY MUST RESORT TO FLEECING OUT OF TOWNERS LIKE ME AND MY MOM. Yes, believe it or not, Kretek’s been successful thus far because he’s got his close drinking buddy judge Viramontes presiding over the case, the same Judge that is rulling on Kretek’s foreclosure case!!! A five year-old could see and call out that conflict of interest!! Google “Judge Viramontes” and “Gordon Mast” and “Jeffrey Biddle” to see news reports/videos of Viramontes previous spectacular judicial failures. This is not just our isolated incident. Please help us if you’ve had a bad experience with Charles Kretek: go to the State Bar of New Mexico websiste, and file a complaint, or go to /link removed/ and do the same. Please keep your friends and loved ones away from Deming NM, fraudster lawyer Charles Kretek, and his close buddy, the corrupt Judge Viramontes, at all costs. Or your life will be destroyed. Thanks. God-bless.

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