Legionnaire Insurance Trust

Legionnaire Insurance Trust

On April 20th of this year, I went to a local hospital in my area to have prostate surgery to remove my prostate as I was diagnosed with stage 2 prostate cancer. The surgery went well except two days later I developed a problem with the catheter not draining and ended up in the emergency room at my local hospital to get the catheter replaced. I was then sent to another hospital emergency room the next morning by my doctor to have a CT scan to make sure the catheter was in the right placement. | I waited patiently until June 24th when I had all the bills from the various hospitals and everything I needed to file my cancer claim with Legionaire Insurance Trust or their claims dept. namely AGAI Affinity Services, PO Box 9060, Phoenix, AZ 85068. | I mailed them 14 pages of bills by registered mail to include EVERYTHING from the diagonis last year, all office visits, surgery, hospital stay, emergency room visits, medication, etc., etc. I also included a letter explaining my total experience from beginning to end along with all documentation. | I have patiently been waiting for my check and on July 1st I received a letter from AGIA Affinity Services signed Claims Specialist with no name signed to the bottom of the letter. I was shocked to see what they wrote telling me that they needed the following information to process my claim: | 1. Chemothrapy and/or radiation treatment bills that indicate dates and charges.*There was NO chemothrapy or radiation as I HAD MY PROSTATE REMOVED! | 2. Anasthesia bill for biospy and surgery for 04.20.2016 from the anesthesiologist with provider name. *THIS WAS INCLUDED WITH MY DOCUMENTATION! | 3. An itemized surgeon’s bill that includes CPT codes, diagnosis and charges for 04.20.2016. * THIS ALSO WAS INCLUDED WITH MY DOCUMENTATION. | I can now see that I am going to get the “RUN-AROUND” from Legionaire Insurance Trust and their claims dept., AGIA Affinity Services both from Phoenix, AZ.

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