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It started with me answering the following ad on FaceBook: ADD $100k TO YOUR INCOME IN 12 MONTHS OR LESS. GUARANTEED. Tired of consultants and financial advisors telling you how to make and become wealthy when they’ve never done it themselves? Has one of them ever stepped in and offered to actually partner with you and guarantee results? Loral Langemeier is the world’s authority in creating true millionaires and lasting wealth. Now you can utilize her cutting edge $100k Challenge that delivers GUARANTEED results to people who want to add $100,000 to their pockets in 12 months or less!
On October 16, 2014 I purchased the 100k Challenge program. I was surprised by the price of the program, but was led to believe by the salesman that if was a complete consulting program to get my business off of the ground. I believed that I would be working with successful entrepreneurs, with the knowledge I needed to get my business started. The contract I signed did not show that I was purchasing TWO programs. I did not see an invoice until after the three day “grace period” for a refund was over. I requested a refund of the extra program in the amount of $5,250, and was denied.
I then spoke to Valerie, their representative. We discussed whether the program would be a fit for my daughter who had authored a novel. She said that they had consultants on staff that had books published. So we assigned the EXTRA program to my daughter.
The problem lies in that I was unaware at the time that the program had been misrepresented to me by their salesmen. It turns out that the consultant is one lady that we can speak to eight times during the first year at 30 minute intervals. The rest of the program is pre-recorded videos and reading materials. It is a business startup course, not a consulting program. This information is not at all beneficial to my daughter, and the only advise she has been given is to sell her book one chapter at a time. Not very beneficial since the book has already been self-published and sells on Amazon. The program is not at all what I had envisioned after speaking to the salesmen. I spoke to several, the man that put us under contract was Brandon Earl, I wish I could remember the other names, they all painted a picture of a consulting program, where I would speak to consultants with expertise in individualized areas of starting a business, such as marketing, licensing, sales, accounting, etc.
I was very disappointed with the program, but tried to work with it. I was trying to be optimistic that I hadn’t been robbed of my money. While in the process of putting my marketing program together, I made another huge mistake. I was contacted by Brad Eades of Live out Loud. He said that he was told that I would need help putting the money together for a proper marketing campaign. He proposed that I enter into their real estate investing program. He said that the program would be me one to one with a real estate investor that would take me by the hand every step of the way. He said my mentor would even make the first sale for me so that I could see how it was done. Then the mentor would be at my side until I felt comfortable with what I was doing. I was told that they were in the process of hiring more mentors, but the one I would be assigned would be experienced in sales nationally and internationally since the real estate market in my area was poor. He said that I could easily have my first sale done before Christmas. Optimistic I paid the $5,000 on November 24, 2014, by credit card.
The program didn’t even start until after the first of the year. I called many times trying to find out who my mentor was, and when we were getting started. I was given a run-around at first, then was told it was Dallin Wall. I then found out from him that he didn’t even have the program together yet. I was pacified by Dallin sending me material to review and told to research different markets. The material revealed that this “Real Estate Investing” is preying on people in financial or personal distress, and talking them into selling their home at a discounted rate. I was sick to my stomach, but told that I just didn’t understand and I would understand more after the classes. That caught me off guard, classes…not a mentor. And the CLASSES would begin in January. There was no single mentor holding my hand. I was lied to again. I feel like a fool with rose colored glasses on.
On May 27th, 2015, I requested a refund by sending them a letter via email. I had a request by Dallin Wall to speak to him two days later. I told him that I was available at any time. I have not been contacted further. I then contacted the BBB, they sent one reply, then became silent.. I demand Full Refund. Stay away

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