Midland Credit Management, Inc.

Midland Credit Management, Inc.

A process server tries to serve me several times and finally left a callback number. once I got the message I then returned the call. I got no answer back I then redial the same number and a foreigner answered the phone. the way they answered the phone was very unprofessional and antenna went up. I then received a second call I miss it and me latter return the call and this time the voice was different and much corrigible this time.
I explained why I was not able to receive the documents because I wasn’t in town and I would not be back after until the week of 12/12/16. he then asks me could he bring me the documents on wedding.12/14/16. and I said why not on 12.12/16 he said he couldn’t. so i asked what type of documents a summons or judgement he stated to me it wasn’t a bench warrant and that my folder was left in is car i then ask what happens to me if I don’t get served he stated he wouldn’t reserve me if he called the company that issued the legal documents and I asked for the complaint # he said all of that info was in his car and there was a dead line date set for the week of 12/09/16. he said to try to contact the people and try to settle the claim so he wouldn’t hate to reserve me. I called the # of the third party who suppose to represent (ldvlaw.com – Lyons, doughty & veldhuis p.c. / p.a.) suppose to work for midland funds inc. the woman asks for my last 4 digits of my soc. a check of my current address & telephone #. she said the scripted legal jazz and she also stated that the phone call was being tape & can she call me back on the number I gave her i said yes i asked questions some she answered correctly & others red flag went up she then stated how much money I owed and who was suing me the total money she said they’re asking for over $1700.00 and I said I was not working and I was dealing with a health problem and that I’m under the doctor’s care I said can they offer me an settlement she then place me on hold and she came back to the phone and asked me to make an offer I said $600.00 even she place me on hold again and she said 750.00 I told her I don’t have that $600.00 she then broke up the payments for 12/09/16 & 01/12/17 for one payment for 600.00 before 12/31/16 and the second payment for &$150.00 for 01/12/17. she then stated to me to use a money order or cashier check to an p.o. box in mt. laurel NJ. I then asked her name she only gave me her first name no last name and I was still corrigible to her and I got off the phone I then proceeded to check my credit report and some investigating of my own on the internet, reverse # lookup, BBB check of businesses and last but not least scam guard.. I demand To Make Sure They Are Working With Legitimacy And Reparable Companies And Do A Better Job Of Pretecting They Clients Privacy & Information.. Use with caution

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