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CLAIM NO.C929534 As I was given Bridget Mohlahlo to assist me with the claims process, I feel like She is unable to assist me or She is no help to me. Because everytime I call her, she is always saying the senior assessor is still busy with my claim and will get back to me as soon as he is done with the assessment. I even asked her to give me the contacts of the senior assessor which she gave them to me [protected]/011 990 0174JP van der Berg. JP van der Berg is the guy I met on monday (29/01/2018) at promenade mall as we had an appointment and He requested that we should rather go into my house. We went to where I am staying, and we had a formal chat about the accident, at that time he had his laptop, typing while we were chatting and before we started the chat, he showed me a device which he said it was a recording device and asked permission to record as it is required by Miway according to him, permission was given. So after the chat we went to the spot where the accident happened and the places that revolves the day of the accident. JP van der Berg even asked for the contact numbers of the people I made contact with on the day of the accident. Afterwards he came to drop me at my place, asked me to log on with my email address on his laptop so that he can be able to track my location on the day of the accident. Before he left, he said he was gonna go around my neighbours and ask them about me and he will come and say goodbye, offwich he did so. After he left, my neighbours whom he spoke with, asked me what did I do? Am I in trouble? Apparently he even showed them a picture of my smashed vehicle. Im exposed to my neighbourhood, they don’t know my personal life but he was transparent to them. I never received feedback from him since the day we met till I phoned him today, to find out about how far is the claim. He could not give me the exact day on when is the claim going to be finalised. Saying there are things he need to follow up, in some of my neighbours he couldn’t find anyone so he need to go back, he need to get track report from my tracker and accident report from the police station, offwhich I fail to understand why he still dont have that information. So strange that he managed to investigate about me without my consent, like, he asked me, why did I renew my PrDP, where did he get that? Or is the traffic department able to give my information to anyone requesting it without my permission? JP van der Berg requested for my girlfriend’s ID no. And she refused to give it to him. When I joined miway, I was asked if, have I ever been appointed to be a regular driver by any insurance and it was a yes because I was appointed as a regular driver for my girlfriend’s car at badget insurance. Shortly after my girlfriend refused to give him her identity number, she received a call from this no.[protected], a lady claiming to be working for badget insurance, thanking her for being a loyal customer, advertising something that she needed to reply a yes or a no, also claiming to know her as the owner of the toyota avanza, and she said she was not interested and the lady rudely disconnected the call. According to my girlfriend, she never received a rude call from badget insurance incase any call from badget insurance. VERY POOR SERVICE FROM MIWAY… I do not recommend Miway to anyone. I’ve been going thruogh complaints people have with miway. If it has to go public LET IT BE HOW FAR ARE YOU WITH MY CLAIM???? CLAIM NO.C929534

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