NYC Oral Surgery and Implant Center

NYC Oral Surgery and Implant Center Complaint

After confirming with both receptionists at the front desk before receiving services, I was assured that my 1st time at this office would be at no charge to me. And I made sure to ask, because I was recently laid off and my issue was not pressing enough for me to have any unnecessary expenses. A month later I received a bill stating I owed a ridiculous amount. I called the receptionist that I spoke with and he kept yelling and speaking over me, not letting me get a word in, which was already a red flag to me that they are aware of what they’re doing and are uneasy when they get caught. I went in for a wisdom teeth consultation (dental) and because the doctor told me to use a warm cloth on my jaw, they felt it justified billing it to my medical insurance. If it was billed to my DENTAL insurance, it would’ve been completely covered. But they billed it as medical so they can try to squeeze as much money as they can out of you. I called my insurance company, and they confirmed that I did NOT owe that amount, and when they called the dentists office, the receptionist was giving them a hard time too! Filing a complaint with the BBB and insurance fraud companies. I checked online and LOTS OF OTHER PEOPLE HAVE HAD THIS SAME ISSUE. I’ve posted their reviews below: _________ I would give this dentist no stars if I could. This dentist ripped off my friend. He was told everything would be covered by his insurance by the front desk TWICE! 8 months later he was sent a bill for over $900 for a procedure he did not ask for! He went in for an extraction and the dentist also did a bone graft that he didn’t ask for! This dentist if fraudulent and conducting bad business by stating things are covered when they know it’s not and then threaten my friend saying they are sending the bill to collections! Charging for procedures not asked by the patients and threatening constitute bad business practices! Made a complaint to the BBB because they need to change their practices! _________ was referred to Dr. Stein by my usual dentist for a tooth extraction. I trust my dentist so I didn’t think to check this place out on Yelp first, and I wish I had. I would second what other reviewers have said about the place looking filthy. It really does. The tools he used all had rusty handles and were just laid out on a tray with no sterilized packaging etc., and whilst I’m sure they did sterilize them, it really skeeved me out. The waiting room has stained couches and the consulting rooms are tiny and badly maintained so that didn’t help the general feeling of unease. That said, the tooth extraction went fine, as did the follow-up to have my stitches out. This was a relatively minor and straightforward procedure and seemed to go okay but I would NEVER go back again and am glad I wasn’t there for anything more serious. I found the doctor a little bit aggressive and unfriendly (he was inclined to interrupt / talk over me) although he was technically perfectly polite, I just didn’t get good vibes. However, further negatives – the billing! Whilst they took my medical insurance for the bone graft which was good, I was surprised to see a charge for tissue regeneration that added another $425 or so on to my bill and wasn’t covered by my dental OR medical insurance. Sneaky. _________________ BEWARE- went for a “consultation” for my wisdom teeth in 2008, now in 2013 I am having a collection agency after me for $3, 728 which includes “interest” for their “services.” i have been fighting this dispute but it is a real headache and affecting my credit which I am upset about. watch out for these people!!! _________________ Be careful of these dentists Stein and Blank, They overcharge for services rendered without looking at your insurance reimbursement copay schedule. The insurance person openly admitted to that saying “we can’t take the time to review every insurance plan reimbursement schedule”. This is contrary to the agreement they make with insurers when they agree to accept an insurers coverage. The insurance company confirmed that to me. You are then left to have them reimburse you when and if they get around to it

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