Opec Fund For International Development (OFID)

Opec Fund For International Development (OFID) Review

Recieved mailfrom opec(OFID)that 5, 00000GBPfund for international development and inheritance of family.Development controller international monetary exchange mr.Ferdinand Smith Tel; +[protected] mail ID [protected]@9.cn Paying bank ;Barclays bank PLC London.Mr.Morgan williams Mobile no007838502866 and Mrs Kaveeta kapoor RBI foreign exchange controllor operation manager Mobile no [protected] and land line no.[protected]. they reported me that money from barclays bank recieved by them in RBI foreign exchange deptt.mumbai, under draft indentification code_ opec/ofid/09788. I send the mail to barclaysbank at mail ID [protected]@hotemail.com, reply recieved from bank that they will take 10 days to verify this matter, but no other information recieved so far.In the mean time they person send mail to deposit INR25000/- on a/c of cost of transfer of fund.I have send them, than Mrs.kaveeta kapoor from RBI talked on phone that conversion cost remit INR235000/- in an account in ICICI bank, after the remitingthe amount INR235000/- she send me certificate from OPEC(ofid) and told that keep it in record for future referance.Now they demanding Anti terrorist clearance from UNO which cost informed more than 600, 000 lacs.but i am not inposition to pay this big amount.Please confirm immidiatly the true picture in this matter.I have sepent 260000 INR till date .I lost this amount .If reply from your bank recieved in time, this may save.I alwas send all masseages with barclays bank and this information or reciept of deposit also sent to barclays bank. Another mail also recieved from Dr.jemes smith, who reported that he is director barclays bank of london.They reported the Inheritance fund 950000GBP transaction referance code BBL/KTT/27890/0000/011 sender mail ID Barclays bank London Payment approval date 07/03/2011. Please inform the actual position of both cases immidiatly.

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  1. Annice Weiser
    June 13, 2020

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