Raven K. Starre

Raven K. Starre

Raven K Starre’s Unethical/Fraudulent Behavior
This is a summary of how Raven K. Starre stole $25,000 from me.
I first joined Raven’s group, known as #MyTribeROCKS, in the MLM (mulit level marketing) company ARIIX back in early August, 2014. Raven claimed to be a multi-millionaire from past MLM companies. She offered to Mentor anyone in the group in how to be successful in MLM and get us all to $2000/week (which she never delivered). In late September/early October she offered anyone in the group to be on a Reality Show for one year where she would mentor 12 people to a million dollars. She determined what each person who was interested would have to pay to be in the show. She said everyone’s “fee” was different and not to talk to anyone else in the group about it. I was told $100,000. I was obviously unable and unwilling to pay that so I wasn’t a participant. Around November 22 Raven left the group a “Voxer” message (this is an app that lets you leave messages for members in a private group) asking for me and another gentleman to be in the show. I asked if I could become a member for $25,000 instead of the $100,000 she originally asked for and she said yes. It was my understanding that a few participants paid only $25,000 hence my offer. Raven’s history was to not divulge much, if any, pertinent information regarding events with regards to the show. It was because of her insistence on ethics, integrity, honesty, and morals that I trusted in her. On Monday, 12/1/14 I wired Raven $25,000 from my mother’s account who offered to lend me the money. After receiving the money, Raven allowed me to participate in a webinar on Wednesday, 12/3/14 which was for participants only, where she would divulge further details about the show. After listening to the webinar, hearing her “rules”, seeing how much I needed to accomplish in a very short period (we were to arrive on Thursday, 12/11/14 and film through 12/22/14), and generally not liking the vibration I was getting from the whole thing, I private messaged Raven (through Facebook, one of her preferred methods of communication) on Thursday, 12/4/14, that I was no longer interested in being a participant of the show. That same afternoon, Thursday, 12/4/14, I received an email from one of the participants, acting as Raven’s personal secretary (Jennifer Ashby), stating that there was no refund per contract, which I had never seen. I wrote a very professional email back to all those who where CC’d on Jenn’s email (Raven, Scott Cervine, the director, Brooke Marsh, the shows manager, and Jenn, who was sort of acting as Raven’s personal secretary) asking for the return of my money. I had not heard from anyone, regarding my situation, since. I have sent two private messages, a Voxer message, and emails to Raven asking for the return of my deposit to which she has ignored.
On the last day of filming, Sunday, 12/22/14, I was contacted by one of the participants. She informed me that she was strong armed into signing a contract that was very one sided in Raven’s favor. She said she had left the show, along with seven others, because of misrepresentation and unethical behavior by Raven. I have since heard from all participants and they all have confirmed the same.
In conclusion, I wired Raven K. Starre $25,000 to be a participant in her One Year To Millionaire Show where she would mentor us to earning $1,000,000 within the year. In less than three days, with no services rendered what so ever, I asked for a complete refund to which I was denied by her “assistant”, never hearing another word from Raven. I made several other attempts to communicate with her asking for my money back to which she ignored all attempts. In addition, since joining her in August of 2014 she has taught next to nothing regarding MLM and how to succeed in it.. I demand Pay it Back. Stay away

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