Readylift Suspension

Readylift Suspension Complaint

A real example of readylift customer service below: Bryan dutchen of readylift responded to our email complaint about transamerican auto parts, d. B. A 4 wheel parts with the following actual email below: My company, which company are you talking about? Oh, this is a universal email that you sent out to a lot of different vendors of 4wp. Are you trying to be an e-thug? It sounds like you are a disgruntled customer that 4wp tried to take care of but because you are such an a-hole that nothing will ever keep you satisfied. Look, if you really think that one nut job (you) sending out his problems to a bunch of different companies will help you, by all means have fun. You are just wasting your time and everyone else. Do yourself and probably most other people who know you a favor and put a bullet through your head. Sincerely, Somebody who does not give [censored]. Consumer complaint agencies Your organization was notified that 4 wheel parts performance centers, d. B. A pro competition tire, d. B. A transamerican auto parts, retained several nationwide unsatisfactory records with the bbb for failing to respond to consumer complaints (links below). Along with having been issued 19 individual violations from the state enforcement agency, “consumer affairs” (bar). Specifically, but not limited to, violating several sections of the business and professions code depicted below: Section 9884.7 (a) (1) false and misleading statements Section 9884.8 invoice requirements Section 988.4.9 (a) estimate requirements Section 3373 inserting/withholding info to cause document to be false/misleading The fraud investigator subpoenad records from transamerican auto parts and its business associates. Specifically, but not limited to a exhaust manufacturer, supercharger manufacturer, chevrolet dealership and another dozen companies were asked to release sales and internal documents. Suffice to say, many of the aforementioned companies no longer retain any business relationship, indicating the gravity of the matter. (tap) is also prohibited from displaying the ups or bbb logos on their website. Prohibited from using the advertisement, “no questions asked tire warranty,” as it was deemed deceptive and unlawful. No longer being able to sell specific extended warranties, and other companies have limited their exposure. Even though the state enforcement agency issued 19 violations, (tap) failed to make any attempt in providing any type of restitution for the damages and costs to date. (tap) has shamefully elected to do the opposite of what is expected and demanded by the general public and business community, by dispensing intimidation letters containing the following, “we have unlimited resources/funds to crush you.” “you are a coward and very pathetic.” Your organization was made well aware of the unlawful and deceptive business practices, not only knowingly and willingly choose to do business with, but in some cases to fully allow sponsoring of these companies in racing events. In doing so, it seems that your organization has violated its own criteria/standards. Specifically, but not limited to members being in good standing within the business community and/or general public. Furthermore, the office of the l. A. District attorney”s office has stated in their letter to us, “your correspondence raises an issue of possible unlawful and deceptive business practices” of transamerican auto parts. A search via the internet under, “4 wheel parts 19 violations” will reveal a fraction of the actual documents of the states investigation and violations. Feel free to contact consumer affairs (bar) for documentation authenticity, Bureau of automotive repair Supervisor 1180 durfee ave. South elmonte, 91733 In addition, an entire copy may also be requested from (any) office of attorney general, as a 300 page complaint has been filed in every state. For the remaining companies that elect to continue to do business with 4wp, knowing the history of unlawful and deceptive practices. We will strongly encourage all customers to file complaints with (all types) of federal, state, and local agencies. Every time a patron searches your company name, a link right below your website will appear containing this and additional information on how to file a complaint. Please feel free to search (4 wheel parts, pro comp) and see what appears. Such relentless activity has resulted in a 186, 000 tire recall, (two recalls) within one year. As you don”t care about the mistreatment of your end users, we no longer care if your products end on the the recall list as well. You can better your patrons experiences by having (tap) be contractually obligated to answer consumer complaints with respect to your products. Please review the unsatisfactory bbb reports of which this company has failed to respond, giving very bad experiences to your overall customers below:

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