Reward Zone USA sent me an e-mail stating I had won a $1,000 PayPal card all I had to do was take a survey incomplete some incentives. I completed all incentives for this reward. I’ve contacted this company numerous times , with no other replies other than to wait 5 more days or that I haven’t done enough to earn the reward. Which is false. I have done everything I was required to do times two. No joke I did twice what I was required to ensure that I wouldn’t have to go through any hassle to receive my reward. I have receipts from my credit card purchases I have subscriptions to all these companies. I have screenshots on my phone and my personal computer. I have the proof generated by their ( RZU ) own system their own confirmations ( RZU ) sent me confirming I completed these offers and now today they send me an email that they have no idea who I am or what I’m talkin about . I’m just going to add their email here in quotations.
“” We checked your email address in our system and we currently do not have record of your paid participation in any of our sponsored deals to qualify for a reward over the last 30 days. If you’ve completed one or more deals, please allow 5 days for the deals to be recorded on your account.””
Now I’ve got all these subscriptions to products or services that I don’t really need. Plus I’m out roughly $100.00. not to mention all the time it took me to complete those offers plus I had to allow cookies on my phone and personal computer I don’t even know what that entails. I had to take off the “do not track” on my phone and my personal computer I have no idea what that entails either. I spent all day calling/ emailing these companies that I now have subscriptions to. How do I honor a subscription under these false pretenses ?
I just don’t know what to do or how to proceed. As a consumer there has to be an outlet of the Federal Government that I can turn to which deals with protecting the consumer against Internet Fraud. This isn’t negligence. Rewards Zone USA didn’t make a mistake this is maybe gross misconduct at best . What I believe is happening here is Reward Zone USA is attempting to defraud me out of my reward which I rightfully earned.. I believe I have proof and the email they sent me today is along the same lines how did I go from a being customer. I sent them fifteen emails they responded to me a half a dozen times. How did I go from that to Reward Zone USA having no record of me ever being a customer because Reward Zone USA has taken steps, they’re going back and changing stuff. That is Criminal Intent. Somebody please help me just steer me in the right direction who in the Federal Government do I talk to about Ponzi schemes, internet scams , false contest and prizes, product misrepresentation, and defrauding the consumer. If you go online to the BBB there are 353 complaints against Reward Zone USA in the last 3 years. That is proof enough. The attachments I’ve added are the confirmations generated by their own page. The requirement was to complete 10 offers. I count ten and they hadn’t even finished confirming the incentives I completed. Now today I’m not even a customer. Thank you so much for your help. Sincerely LM. I demand I gave up my privacy . I invested my money I gave my time. I downloaded games and apps. I rightfully earned the $1,000 PayPal card.. Stay away

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