Scam Jobs on

Scam Jobs on

I applied on for a office coordinator position. I then got a really long email from Alex saying the following:

Your interest about the job has been received. This might seem a little different from the position placed on the INDEED job site, However it is due to the need for an urgent replacement for my Personal Assistant. I really need someone urgently to take up the position as my personal assistant I am looking for a friendly, simple & trust worthy personal office assistant, You can take it as a full time or part time job depending on your choice.

The hours will be between 4 to 5 hours daily, which can be increased if you want and this will give you free time to go on with your regular job, Below are job Descriptions.

Your Duties:

*General work
*process mails
*Data entry
*Receive calls
*Book appointments & Flight reservation
*shopping, E.t.c or any other reasonable duty will be allocated to you.

My name is Alex W. Rise, I am an Artist and i travel a lot to do and sell art works, I also buy ideas, Artifacts, antics and materials from ancient cities and I have got so many clients as companies, individuals and governmental institutions and private museums. I have been pretty successful in my businesses, I get involved in several art businesses in United States,Ireland & Canada. I’m most very often get my hands occupied, so it is imperative for me to have a worthy personal assistant.

Due to the nature of my job, It requires frequent traveling so i need someone to handle my schedule when I’m not in town, Every instructions will be given to you via email and phone for now until i’m back, I travel a lot so that is the main reason why i need you to be my personal assistant and i want you to begin work immediately.

Kindly Let me know if you’re still interested and I’m willing to offer you $25 hourly with a reasonable sign on bonus, I want you to answer this brief questionnaire below, Please answer them to the best of your knowledge.

* Have you ever worked as an personal assistant before?
* Are you taking this as a primary Job?
* If you want to make this your secondary job ( How many Hours does your primary Job Takes? )
* Do you have Professional Reference?
* How Many Hours are you wiling to Devote to work for me?
* What do you Understand by Privacy & Code of Conduct?
* Explain Petty Cash Transactions?
* Describe yourself?
* Are you willing to give your best shot at working with me?

PLEASE BE AWARE THIS GUY IS A SCAM ARTIST. THIS IS NOT A LEGIT JOB.. I demand Indeed should not allow this user on their site. This person now has all my personal info (cell # & address)because they have my resume.. Stay away

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