Scam on Linkedin

Scam on Linkedin

This individual, Hussain Ahmed, contacted me through LinkedIn. At first, it seemed like he was flirting and I ignored him. He persisted in writing and asked could just talk with me about some marketing strategies because he was in the process of shooting a film in Atlanta, (which I immediately confirmed because an acquaintance was the lead actress in the love story that this young man had written, directed and was producing.) The other caveat to this story is that this Hussain was also partners with two other young Muslim/American actors, one being a Shawn Alli, who starred in the Fast and Furious film franchise as the Prince of Dubai. They had very active and heavily followed social media and claimed to own a film production company called, “No Borders Productions.” At the first sight of some of their movie trailers, such as “In Criminal Minds”, there leaves little to zero doubt that these are talented and unique individuals with a background of sadness; Ahmed claims his family was running out of Iraq by Saddam Hussein because they were Kurdish. So, as a human being in a time of hostile relations with middle eastern people, I felt an immediate sense of sadness for the racism and ethnic slurs that these now American young men were experiencing. I also felt like I had also pre-judged this ethnic group unjust and the Christian and fighter for the underdog part of my personality wanted to help them and get their story out….I was in no position to lend any money to any cause other than myself…as a single mother who was looking for gainful employment, I just could not help anyone financially. This changed when Hussain tearfully contacted me in late December of 2015 and said one of their investor’s had backed out on the movie being shot in Atlanta. I immediately got cold feet and had concluded that this had been his intent all along… To draw me into their sob story then put the bite on me. I told him I didn’t have 10,000 …the amount he requested, and that if I did have that type of available cash, I would use it to start my own business… He actually broke down in tears and I told him I owned my car outright, but because I had not worked in a while, I doubted I could get approved for a collateral loan. He really worked me….and swore that this film was already as good as sold to Netflix… I asked my elderly father what he thought after showing him the some of the footage as well as the other credits to the No Borders Productions team, and Hussain also met and spoke to my dad telling us that we would get up to triple back within 4-6 months if he could cosign on my loan using my car. We agreed to do it, because part of me knew that in the state of Fl, defrauding an elderly person is a felony. It was made perfectly clear to me that I would suffice for the partner who backed out, and my friend who was the lead actress in the film called me to ease my worries. I really had feelings for a friend and mentor towards these young men, and from their mannerisms and religious way of life, I felt like I had done a good thing, and I would actually get some extra money from this investment, as I saw it. I wired the funds through to the partner’s checking accounts…because with direct banking transfers, there is obviously a paper trail and it would leave a person very exposed if their intent was to defraud. After the money was sent, Hussain pretty much stopped communication with me. I got frantic because I just couldn’t comprehend that a person would go to such lengths to scam and use a person who was kind and pure of heart. My friend who starred in the film also could not get any correspondence from any of the guy’s….and not only was she never compensated, she shaved off her long, blonde hair for the role as a dying cancer patient! After doing intense internet searches, I found out that No Borders Productions was a complete fake corporation… and that the money I had invested into this film had been re-wired to Hussain Ahmed’s wife, Nathalia Miranda Ahmed…which Hussain had told me he was single and never married… Plus, he has children too… I now know that the whole group was in on this scam… and the wife sets up the stage and is the puppet master…deliberately seeking out middle-aged, single women to try to make them feel needed and used for guidance. I have tried several times to inform them that the fact remains that the loan is in my father’s name…and they are facing felony charges. They are too smug and incapable of feeling remorse or even guilt for what they have done. When it is all said and done, with other misc. made up expenses, the Ahmed’s got close to $12,000 out of me. I also was contacted by another woman that the same thing happened to her… So this is their way of making a living…. Please help me get the word out because NONE of the movies that I was shown was nothing but previews!!! Everything Hussain told me basically lies….he claimed to be a graduate of the University of Kentucky, not married, No children, a writer, producer, etc…..all LIES!!!. I demand The full amount plus legal fees. This type of criminal element will only undererstand a subpoena and the threat of being exposed. Jail time. Stay away

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