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Volusion is an ecommerce site that claims to help build your website and host it. When I first signed up for Volusion, one of their sales team in the UK called me up and began to explain the many benifits of having a website with Volusion and the increased sales I would receive just by using them. He spent a lot of time with me on the phone and explained things to me whilst taking my cc details. Sounded great and was very nice and polite towards me. However, didn’t take the time to explain that if I was not happy within the first month I would not receive a refund. I did ask whether or not I would be able to shut down the website and receive a refund if I was not happy with the product and he put me on hold and came back to me and said yes. So I signed up on the Gold package believing the website would be fabulous and I would begin making sales after being exposed for a few months. I was told that I would receive priority assistance on a gold package 24 hours a day! I was told that I would receive a phone call by one of the technical staff within ten days to help me with building the website. I received an email by one of the on board coaches well after 10 days and by this time I was so frustrated because trying to build a website on your own using Volusion software was absolutely impossible! It was way too difficult to use for the average person. I emailed Volusion so many times asking them for this so called ‘priority assistance’ that did not exist! I wouldn’t receive an email back for days after telling me they had a time slot for me about a week later! I told them I needed the assistance urgently not a week later because I was paying them for nothing at this point! My website still wasn’t live and I hadn’t even begun entering products into the site! I was so fed up with the lack of assistance so I decided to email them and tell them to shut down my account due to the lack of service. There is no option to shut down the website, you have to email them to do that. I was paying for a website that didn’t even exist yet! I got an email back ‘a few days later’ of course telling me they would not refund my money even though the website hadn’t been worked on and wasn’t even live yet. They were so quick to call me and sign me up and take my money but when it came to dealing with my complaint about the lack of service, paying them for nothing, and having no website there was absolutely no assistance in sight and they would not give me my money back even after explaining what I went through with them! They basically got money out of me for free without servicing me at all! Warning, do not sign up with Volusion! They are frauds and you cannot use their software without assistance who knows about their software. You will get no assistance from the people who know about their software and you will be paying them to take their time in giving you assistance to even begin your website! Not worth it. Do your research and find another ecommerce site that has better ratings. I have learned my lesson and I will be researching to the core from now on to find a better website provider!

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  1. Delma Pawley
    June 17, 2020
  2. Lasonya Altmark
    June 14, 2020

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