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About my service @WIPRO: ================ – I joined WIPRO as a WASIAN at 2007 and have been working for WIPRO for the past 7+ years and would always continue to work for WIPRO.. – I am proud to share that I was always billed from the date of reporting at Chennai. Please refer my previous appraisal document/rating starting from WASIAN period. – There was no issues/escalations raised against me at WIPRO. – I always ensure that there was no impact to project deliverable from day one even during the maternity period. – Just to quote, an year back, one of my batch mate who was working in my project got a better offer and she switched to another company. But i stood by WIPRO even though my package was comparatively less as i was more passionate about WIPRO, who gave me this opportunity to start as WASIAN. People Involved: ========== – Myself (Umamageswari Devarajulu] – Pujarini Mitra [HR] – Settlement Team [Finance] Description of the issue: ============== – During the beginning of the year 2015, I had to take leave to travel to USA temporarily (as a unplanned trip) to accompany my son. – I did got the approval for the leaves as I was just moved to free pool, hence no impact to any deliverables. – During my vacation, i was checking my email all the time and ensure that i was never remote for any communication. – After coming to US, unfortunately my husband project got extended and I had to continue my stay at USA. – Considering my interest to continue to work for WIPRO, I applied for EAD [Employment Authorization Document], so that i can work for WIPRO. – Again, unfortunately the EAD process took its maximum time to get approved – During this time, i reached my cap on the leaves and got an automated email to report to work. – Hence, I reached out to HR and explained my situation and my willingness to work for WIPRO from onsite. Also, I updated my EAD status to the HR and requested to extend my leaves hoping that my EAD will be approved at its expected maximum time. – But, HR denied my request and did not even care about my willingness to continue to work for WIPRO. She forced me to submit my resignation to complete the process. – With hard emotions, I submitted my resignation after confirming that [Oral discussion over the phone] I don”t have to service for my notice period due to 2 reason: #1 – I was in free pool and have no impact to any project; #2 – Not allowed to work from USA as EAD was in processing. This was the reason to set my last date on my approved leave date. – Though the resignation was in progress, I came to know that EAD was approved and I reached out to HR again to consider/revert my resignation request. But again, with no respect the request was ignored. – I mailed and called HR several times explaining my situations but my requests were ignored and was not ready to provide any solutions. Even HR told me that she cant help and nobody from WIPRO can help me on this. I was really hurt after hearing such sort of words. I dont think i deserve such a sort of treatment from WIPRO. To be honest, i really begged for this many times. But the way i got a response was unacceptable. – All these days i was always reachable through email and never was non-communicable. Disrespect for the Service: ================ – After all these communications, one day (after 2 months) I got an email from settlement saying that I owe 1.5 lakhs as “notice period recovery”, which is a huge shock for me, when i was expecting some PF settlement. – I was never given an opportunity to continue to work for WIPRO again, but the process of settlement took 2 months after my resignation. I would have been very happy, if I was allowed to continue my job at WIPRO rather than taking more time to process the resignation. – This is the first time in my 7+ years service with WIPRO, i felt disappointed for not recognizing my service at WIPRO. Neither the HR nor the WIPRO settlement team heard my concerns. – I am ok to give away my PF. But asking huge amount of 1.5 lakhs as a “notice period recovery” does not look like WIPRO treating its employee [x-employee] fair. In my case, it was mutually agreed that no notice period is necessary, besides receiving the letter to pay huge amount was really shocking for me. – On top of it, though i am in USA, I am not doing well financially to even pay out the big amount, which is not fairly calculated. Conclusion: ======= – I hope WIPRO will consider my dedication and sincerity as an Employee of WIPRO and would investigate my case. – Please waive-off the “notice period recovery amount”, which was un-fairly charged. OR I would be more than happy if you consider taking me back to WIPRO. I dont want to complain about the HR or Settlement team on this anymore. I raised this issue here to get a better solution and deal this in a fair way. This is my last hope. Thank you! Uma

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